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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How is it to fly in Alitalia Business Class

5 julio, 2021

When you’re a frequent traveler, it’s good to check to make sure you’re booking your flights with the best airline. While price is often one of the most important considerations, it is not the only one. Cabin and seat service, meals, convenience, convenience, and amenities can also make a difference in the quality of your experience. This is what it’s like to fly Alitalia Business Class if you’re looking for the best deals on air travel.


If you are planning a flight from the United States to Italy, booking is not a bad experience. It is a good idea to book your flight in advance so that you can choose a seat. You are most likely flying a 777-200 and flights have two business class cabins with 46 seats available, so it is important to book as far in advance as possible to get the best selection. You can do this on your website quite easily. If you have bonus reward miles accumulated on a credit card, you can redeem them to save money on the fare, and if you have enough miles saved, you may only end up paying roughly $ 250 for your ticket.

Check in

Check-in is quick and easy when you arrive early. Just go to the front desk and a boarding pass will be issued to you. This is where you check your bags and they can weigh your carry-on if warranted. You should plan to wait a bit when you go through airport security and you will need to remove your shoes and remove all metal items from your pockets in the tray that go through a scanner.


There are times when it is a perfect experience to find the right line to board your flight. Assistants are good at indicating which passengers are next, so keep your ears open and you shouldn’t have a problem. During peak travel hours, you may experience a bit of confusion, but overall, it’s not a bad process if you’re paying attention.

The business class cabin

Once you’ve boarded, the attendees will make you feel welcome and offer you a drink right away. The business class cabin is clean and well maintained. It has an attractive black and gold color theme that is an improvement over the sterile and simple environment on board some other airlines. All attendees are dressed in a retro-style uniform reminiscent of the 1950s and sets the stage for an enjoyable experience that is unique. When you first arrive at your seat, there is a menu waiting for you so you can take a look at it once it is installed. There are three menus, one for pies, one for coffee, and a third for wine, which is a fancy way of doing things.

Mod cons

You are provided with an amenity kit that comes with standard items including a dental kit, lotions, socks, and an eye mask. Flight attendants also hand out pajamas so you can nap or sleep during longer flights. A pillow and light blanket are also provided. The seats are flat in business class and while they are not large, they offer enough comfort to stretch out and sleep comfortably for several hours at a time.

in-flight entertainment

Attendees come in and offer noise-canceling headphones that work well. You have the option of watching your selection of pre-programmed movies or TV shows. The selections of both are limited, so I recommend carrying your own entertainment for the flight or bringing a book.

Food and drinks

Alitalia does not serve business class gourmet meals, but the food is solid and tastes great. They begin taking orders and serving as soon as the ship reaches cruising altitude. Meals are delivered quickly and attendees are very in tune with the passengers. Drinks are offered often and the service is top-notch. You can choose from a variety of different menu offerings, and there is something for everyone on board the flight. The coffee is very good and so is the wine. The menus are well planned and offer many good options. Snacks are offered throughout the flight and instead of serving nuts they offer a variety of different appetizers and canapes, which is a nice departure from the norm. The breakfasts are varied and you can choose between a light dish with pastries or a more abundant meal and they are abundant.

The bottom line

Traveling in business class on board Alitalia is a pleasant experience. It does not rival first class, and while the food is unremarkable, it is tasty and palatable. Attendees are attentive and respond as quickly as possible with drinks on request. On…

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