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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How Mia Khalifa Achieved $ 4 Million Net Worth (Updated for 2020)

2 julio, 2021

From growing up in a very conservative and Catholic family to becoming the most popular porn star, Mia Khalifa is a lady who knows very well that every action has consequences. Mia will never be able to return to her home country, Lebanon, lest she be killed. In the midst of all the troubles in his family, he has accumulated an impressive amount of wealth. Mia Khalifa’s net worth is $ 4 million and here are details of how she amassed the amount as revealed on Wikipedia and The Daily Dot.

Adult film career

It’s hard to believe that a young woman with self-esteem issues thought that filming pornographic movies would boost her confidence. Yet that is precisely what Mia Khalifa did. By age 21, Mia had already struggled with weight and lost 50 pounds with exercise, but still, that wasn’t enough. She therefore had her breasts augmented in the hopes that a larger chest would somehow boost her self-esteem, but it seems that the problem was not with her body. His answer finally came when he was approached to shoot a pornographic video in Miami, at a strip club. The naive Mia, as she wants us to believe, finally thought that her self-esteem would increase, so after two weeks of intense thought, she gave in to the idea. However, he realized later that it was the biggest mistake he ever made.

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Net worth $ 4 million
Name Mia khalifa
Age 26
Was born Beirut
Date of birth February 10, 1993
Richness’ fountain Former pornographic actress, webcam model, commentator
Country Lebanon

Still, for her bank account, getting into porn was the best financial decision Mia Khalifa ever made. At the time, his first video resulted in temporary blame and validation. So she continued to make them thinking that since she wasn’t on social media, everyone else was hibernating from the platforms as well. Fortunately, or not, Mia Khalifa became an industry star. Pornhub soon announced that she had become the # 1 adult star on Pornhub, taking the title from Lisa Ann. What followed were a bunch of congratulatory messages after only being in the porn industry for three months.

However, in addition to huge internet searches for the new porn queen, the publicity resulted in death threats from ISIS. Mia Khalifa had dishonored the Muslim community by wearing a hijab during a threesome and for those who profess the faith, it was an abomination. The negative publicity only resulted in increased popularity for the girl, and at age 22, Mia was the most searched pornstar on Pornhub with over 1.5 million views. By 2015, the searches had multiplied by more than five and the hijab scene took her to rank number 5 on the list of the ten most notorious pornstars in the world.

Mia tried to justify herself after receiving death threats by saying that Muslims have been depicted in much worse scenes. However, the fact that her family and her own country do not want to associate with her is what bothers Mia, reports The Washington Post.

With the amount you got for filming the videos, maybe you can take comfort in thinking it was worth it. According to sources, the best models can get at least $ 40,000 per month, and with her highest rating, Mia must have received more. With options like Pornhub’s premium pornstars paying $ 45 per 1000 views, Mia’s 1.5 million views and more brought in a ton of money for her.

Webcam model

It is strange how a person does something and does not want to associate with it, but it is an important part of their life. According to Reddit, Mia cursed a radio show for portraying her as a former porn star. Mia might be ashamed of her previous profession and even said that she only did it for three months, but after leaving the porn film industry, she decided to be a webcam model. Webcam modeling was once described as the future of porn, so Mia was still reluctant to leave her previous life just changing job titles to ease her conscience.

Webcam models will do anything in front of the camera to get paid, and since Mia had proven she has no limits, her earnings are sure to skyrocket. Plus, with her fame, getting started was easy, and since according to Quora, the webcam model can spend around 3 hours and take home $ 1,000 per hour, that translates to over a million in a year. Mia was still a webcam model in May 2016 despite retiring from porn in January 2015.


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