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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How much is the Grand Theft Auto franchise worth?

4 julio, 2021

Grand Theft Auto is a long-standing video game series, created by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Developed and first released in 1997, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a name used to refer to how motor vehicle theft is carried out in the US The game allows players to lead Carry out a series of missions, putting players in the shoes of criminals to create a series of ambiguous crime sagas; Reckless driving, third-party shooting, fight criminal gangs for the territory that carries out action and adventure.

The successful Rockstar franchise has evolved over the years. It is created on the basis of fictional places. For example, Grand Theft Auto (1997) takes place in London. Today, the game is primarily based on American cities such as Vice City, San Andreas, and Liberty City representing Miami, the state of California, and New York City, respectively. Note that later titles in the series tend to place an emphasis on the fictional setting and its surroundings.

Evolution of the franchise

  • GTA (1997) – The first in the series, GTA has simple graphics that focus on criminal activities in Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.
  • GTA: London 1969 (1999): although it was reproduced with an engine similar to that of GTA 1997, it had British references; Sid Vacant (Sid Vicious from Sex Pistols and his song Pretty Vacant)
  • GTA: London 1961 (1999) – This expansion pack was released exclusively for PC, featuring scenes from London in 1961 and a James Bond-like Brit.
  • GTA 2 (1999): It had a number of changes to its graphics and players could configure the day or night mode when playing thanks to the improvements in the lighting system of the game.
  • GTA III (2001) – Saw the introduction of the PS2-compatible 3D Isometric view, making it an instant hit.
  • GTA: Vice City (2002) – Showing Miami scenes from the 1980s, the game had brighter colors with graphics similar to GTA III.
  • GTA: San Andreas (2004) – With over 27 million copies sold, this game was Rockstar’s best-selling PS2 game with fictional scenes from; San Andreas (California), Los Santos (Los Angeles) and San Fierro (San Francisco).
  • GTA Advance (2004) – This game faced a number of technical challenges, as it was supposed to be part of GTA III, for GB Advance.
  • GTA: Liberty City Stories (2005) – Comes with improved graphics; higher resolution to withstand variations in weather effects.
  • GTA: Vice City Stories (2006) – It was a prequel to GTA: Vice City but with more colorful environments in the city.
  • GTA IV (2008) – Without a doubt the biggest leap into the HD era, GTA IV came with denser interactive features; more realistic characters and animations thanks to the Euphoria physics engine.
  • GTA: The Lost and Damned (2009) – Featuring the Lost and Damned motorcycle gang, this release was basically a GTA IV add-on, downloadable on Xbox Live.
  • GTA: Chinatown Wars (2009) – An interesting installment of all GTAs, it combines old school top-down GTA and third-person 3D games ever created.
  • GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009) – Introduces a new character, Luiz Lopez, this downloadable add-on for GTA IV, who seeks to complete a series of nightlife missions in Liberty City.
  • GTA V (2013) – With substantially improved graphics, GTA V allows players to switch between characters at will.
  • GTA V: First Person Mode (2014) – Released on Xbox 360 and PS3, First Person Mode comes with more powerful consoles, brighter graphics, denser foliage, and more detailed textures.

GTA financial success


The GTA series is currently a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Rockstar North seeks to make the game playable on powerful new consoles while improving GTA’s graphics to suit the needs of the growing roster of players. In May 2015, the franchise had released the latest copy of this series, GTA V, which sold more than 52 million copies.

Today, the GTA franchises boast of selling more than 235 million copies of the game series worldwide since its inception in 1997. This number closely follows the first-person shooter series, Call of Duty. with 250 million copies. GTA V has shipped more than 54 million copies, contributing around 17.5% of all franchise sales. Its predecessor GTA IV (2008) shipped more than 25 million copies worldwide.

Rockstar Games intends to release an online version of GTA V, as the studio has continually supported other games in the series through its popular online mode, GTA Online. GTA Online has been growing and it was predicted that it could …

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