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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How Sommer Ray Achieved $ 8 Million Net Worth

6 julio, 2021

When Sommer Ray was just ten years old, her favorite song was “Glamorous” by Fergie, perhaps because she could imagine herself flying first class and living in the fast lane. Today, Ray can afford the glamorous life he envisioned thanks to the millions he has accumulated over the years. She has gone from being a country girl to a renowned Instagram model. Her beauty and curvy body have allowed Sommer Ray’s net worth to grow to $ 8 million, a figure that will soon rise considering the ambition that drives the model and entrepreneur. This is how he rose to fame and prosperity.

Sculpting your body from an early age

Ray grew up in Colorado on a ranch with his brother and two sisters. The 40-acre ranch was enough to turn Ray into a country girl who enjoyed riding horses, tending goats and chickens, or helping his mother run the boarding school. The family was a bit conservative and preferred to educate Ray at home. The lifestyle came to the young woman’s mind, so she always dreamed of the day when she could leave the small town of Larkspur.

He became interested in the activities of his parents; his father was a bodybuilder, and at the age of 14, Ray began training with him. His mother used to compete in bikini competitions and Ray also took an interest in them. He sculpted his body so well that when he first entered the contest, they had to create a division for teens. Unfortunately, not everyone understood why a teenage girl showed off her curves in a bikini. According to Forbes, when he started competing at 16, people thought he had problems with his father, not understanding that it was his father who had trained and supported his passion. Since Ray stopped homeschooling at age 14 and joined school when she was 15, her schoolmates didn’t understand her either, thus embarrassing and harassing her. Eventually Ray had to give up, but the negativity only fanned the flames of her burning desire to be more than just a bikini model. She was good at what she did, taking first place in the 2015 Colorado NPC State Championships in the Bikini Teen and Bikini Class D categories. She continued to participate and rose nationally until she was 18, when she decided to give it a break. Unlike Ray, who was working hard in the gym and eating healthy to maintain his beautiful body, his fellow contestants were taking enhancement drugs. Consequently, she chose to focus on a modeling career on Instagram.

If you have a Ferrari, drive it

They say if you have it, flaunt it, and Ray has his own expression: “If you have a Ferrari, drive it.” The model recognizes her curvy body, which she insists has required a lot of work and discipline to sculpt. Therefore, keeping “the Ferrari” packed in the garage is not an option; the best way to show what you got is through social media. He already had the dream of being like his sister, who had a photographer friend. The friend visited the sisters, and Ray took advantage of this to take mature photos when he was 15 years old. According to Netline, she knew the photos were too sexual, but then she acknowledges that she has always been expressive. However, he warns that she is not like that in real life.

He combined his love of expressive photos with a passion for fitness and began posting exercise videos and images to Instagram in 2016. Before he knew it, Ray had become the heartthrob of the bodybuilding community and girls wanted to be like her. She decided to show another side of herself next to the body, so she created a secondary page to show her personality. While all of this helped boost her celebrity profile, what really catapulted her to fame was that Sports Illustrated named her the charming lady of the day. She changed the subject once again from bodybuilding to bikini modeling. According to Wealthy Gorilla, his diet and fitness regimens changed as he focused on his lower body. As a result, she developed the perfect curves to attract swimwear manufacturing companies like Myokore to aid in her campaigns. The median salary for a bikini model is $ 37,240, which could be why Ray decided to improve her game and increase sources of income.

Become an entrepreneur

In May 2018, Ray announced that his Evolve fitness app was up and running and urged his fans to subscribe. The Pro subscription starts at $ 12.99 per month, and it also got another app, the Fitness plan, where fans can work out with it. The Fitness app has more than 30 …

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