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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to adjust the disc brakes on a motorcycle

6 julio, 2021

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Once the predominant method of braking, the drum and shoe brakes of yesteryear are mostly gone. Although effective enough for most situations, drum brakes require constant adjustment to provide maximum stopping power. Disc brakes, which rely on hydraulic power to squeeze the brake disc or rotor between a set of pads, have become the preeminent method. By providing tremendous stopping power in a low-maintenance package, disc brakes can function without constant and tedious adjustment, requiring only the occasional replacement of brake pads and replenishment of the fluid that powers the hydraulic brakes.

Replacement of brake pads

Step 1: adjust disc brakes

Spray the brake calipers with brake cleaner and immediately wipe the cleaner with a rag to remove dirt and oil buildup.

Step 2: adjust motorcycle disc brakes

Locate the mounting bolts that secure the caliper to the lower fork leg or bracket. Select the appropriate hex or Allen head socket and break the torque on the caliper mounting bolt pair. Remove the bolts and slide the caliper completely off the rotor.

Step 3: how to adjust motorcycle disc brakes

Remove the bolts that secure the brake pads to the calipers. Remove the brake pads and the caliper mounting clips.

Step 4: adjust motorcycle disc brake

Spray the inside of the caliper with brake cleaner and wipe it off immediately. Inspect the pistons inside the caliper for signs of damage or corrosion that could cause the piston to seize.

Step 5: how to adjust the front brake of a motorcycle

Assemble the new brake pads and mounting clips, and then install them on the caliper. Slide bolts into caliper and through mounting clips, then tighten to secure.

Step 6: how to adjust motorcycle disc brake

Press the brake pads to seat the piston. If necessary, slide a flat-head screwdriver between the pads to act as a lever. This will return the pistons to their fully open position and restore the “feel” of the brake lever. Slide the caliper over the brake rotor and onto the mounting bracket or lower fork leg. Reinstall the caliper mounting bolts and tighten to secure.

Brake fluid flushing

Step 1: how to adjust the disc brakes on a motorcycle

Open the brake master cylinder cap and fill with new brake fluid. There will be a distinct difference in appearance between the new fluid and the old, dirty, or contaminated fluid.

Step 2: how to adjust the front disc brake of a motorcycle

Locate the air bleeder valve on the brake caliper. Place a 1/4-inch clear plastic tubing over the valve. Place the opposite end of the tube in a container or bucket to collect the used brake fluid. On most motorcycles, this valve can be opened with a 10mm wrench. Place the wrench on the valve.

Step 3: adjust motorcycle front brake

Pull the brake lever several times and then hold it down to keep pressure on the brake line.

Step 4: how to loosen motorcycle disc brake

Open the bleed valve with a quarter-turn spanner. A small amount of liquid should enter the tube; at the same time, the brake lever will lose pressure and collapse against the handlebar.

Step 5

Close the valve and then release the brake lever. Repeat this process until the brake fluid in the tube is clear, then check the master cylinder fluid level and top up as necessary.

Step 6

Remove the plastic hose and immediately wipe up any brake fluid that may have spilled. Tap the brake line fittings, working your way up to the master cylinder, to remove any air bubbles that may have been trapped in the line.

Fill the master cylinder and replace the cap. Pull and release the brake lever until pressure returns to the brake line.

  • To simplify the bleeding process, you can use a suction tool to draw brake fluid through the lines.
  • Take used brake fluid to a local auto parts store for recycling.
  • If you doubt your ability to complete this project, have a qualified technician perform the work.


  • Check and recheck that the brake pads are held firmly in place by the mounting clips and bolts. A pill…

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