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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to adjust the handbrake on a Ford F-150

6 julio, 2021

How to adjust the parking brake on a Ford F-150

by BretN

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If your Ford F150 is having trouble staying parked on hills and the emergency brake feels soggy and loose, you may need to squeeze it. You can do this without having to take it to a mechanic. The brake system is very important in all vehicles, so be sure to do this repair correctly. Since you will need to get under the truck to make this adjustment, take advantage of the situation and examine the rest of the brake components to make sure everything is in good condition.

Step 1

Start the truck and turn off the engine. Chock the front tires and lift the truck. Place the truck on jack stands.

Step 2

Climb under the back of the truck and look behind one of the rear tires. Look for a rubber cap behind the brake dust cover and under the axle. Remove the cap with the flat blade screwdriver.

Step 3

Turn the adjusting star under the cap with the flat blade screwdriver. Turning it clockwise will set the emergency brakes and turning it counterclockwise will loosen the emergency brakes.

Step 4

Move to the other side of the truck and adjust the trim star in the same way. Replace both caps.

Lower the truck and put it in neutral. Activate the emergency brake and remove the chocks. Push the truck back and forth to see if the emergency brakes hold, forward and backward.


  • Once you’re done, take the truck up a hill and test the emergency brakes, pointing up and down the hill.


  • Never get under your truck unless the engine is off, the truck is in gear, and there are chocks under the tires.

Articles will need

  • Jack
  • Jack stands up
  • Wheel chocks
  • Flat head screwdriver

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