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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to adjust the transmission shift lever linkage of a Camaro

5 julio, 2021

How to adjust the transmission shift lever linkage of a Camaro

If your older Camaro just won’t shift like it did when it was new, take heart. Over time, your Camaro’s gear lever connection will loosen, making shifting feel sloppy. The link has simply come loose, which will require adjustment, rather than replacement. Adjusting the shift lever linkage requires only a minimum of hand tools and can be easily accomplished in just a few minutes.

Step 1: how to adjust the automatic gear stick

Remove the shift knob from the Camaro by pulling the metal pin from the back of the knob. The metal plug will be in front of the car radio. Remove the shifter cover, if the car has a manual transmission, then carefully lift the shifter case cover plate from the center console of the car. For cars with automatic transmission, remove the shift indicator light from its housing on the shift lever cover plate to gain better access to the inside of the center console.

Step 2: how to adjust the box linkage

Locate the shift connection cable and its adjusting nut. It will be located in front of the shift lever and is the only cable that is connected to the shift lever. The adjusting nut is the first threaded nut on the cable housing, but not the bolt that attaches the cable to the shifter. Turn the nut with the wrench to firm up the gear lever feel.

Reinstall the shifter housing plate, slide it over the shifter and click into place on the center console. Install the shift lever boot, if the Camaro is a manual transmission, then replace the shift lever knob, replacing the metal retaining pin.

Tip: how to adjust the gears of an automatic transmission

  • Avoid overtightening the adjusting nut, as it may cause the gears to show a “stuck” feeling. Only manual transmission Camaros are equipped with a shift boot.

Items You’ll Need: How to Adjust Shifts on an Automatic Transmission

  • Small flat screwdriver
  • Small spanner

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