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6 julio, 2021

How to Change a Fuel Pump in a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am

by Eric Grosso

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Replacing the fuel pump in a 2002 Pontiac Grand AM can be done with a set of hand tools, a vehicle jack, and a set of jack stands. Doing the repair yourself can save hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

Having prior auto repair experience helps tremendously in this process, however it can be done by a careful and accurate novice mechanic.


Step 1

Raise the rear of the vehicle with a vehicle jack and place two stands under the vehicle to keep it secure. Remove the jack from the vehicle.

Step 2

Remove the negative battery cable from the battery terminal.

Relieve the pressure in the fuel system by removing the fuel tank cap. Locate the fuel pressure port at the end of the fuel rail; It is covered by a black rotating cap. Remove the cap and wrap towels around the end of the rail. Touch the port with a small tool to remove any pressure in the system. Replace the cap when done, relieving pressure.

Remove the fuel tank

Step 1

Disconnect the bolts holding the exhaust to the vehicle, as well as the rubber isolators and lower the exhaust so that it sits on the rear axle.

Step 2

Remove the fuel lines from the fuel tank, as well as the line connected to the Evaporative Emission Control (EVAP) canister.

Step 3

Remove the electrical connectors that connect the fuel pump to the fuel tank.

Step 4

Disconnect the filler tube from the fuel tank by loosening the hose clamps.

Disconnect the fuel tank straps by removing the strap bolts. Once the straps are disconnected, the fuel tank can be removed.

Removing the fuel pump

Step 1

Disconnect the harness connectors.

Step 2

Remove the wire harness from the top of the fuel pump and set it aside.

Step 3

Remove the seal between the tank and the pump.

Remove the fuel sending unit and pressure sensor from the old unit. Clean the surface where the fuel pump connects to the fuel tank.

Installing a new fuel pump

Step 1

Connect the fuel sending unit and pressure sensor to the new fuel pump.

Step 2

Install a new o-ring seal on the new fuel pump and install the new fuel pump in the tank. Make sure to line up the small notch on the fuel tank with the tab on the new fuel pump. Connect the wire harness to the fuel pump.

Step 3

Replace the fuel tank by lifting the tank and tightening the strap bolts.

Step 4

Put the filler tube back into the fuel tank and tighten the hose clamps.

Step 5

Reconnect the fuel lines and reconnect the line attached to the EVAP canister.

Raise the exhaust, fit the rubber isolators, and tighten the exhaust bolts.


  • When removing the fuel tank, many mechanics choose to wait until a small amount of gasoline remains in the tank or to draw fuel from the tank.

Articles will need

  • Towels
  • Vehicle jack
  • Jack stands up
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket set

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