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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to change the radio fuse in a Honda CR-V 2005

6 julio, 2021

change fuse 2005 honda crv

by Justin Cupler

Jupiterimages / liquidlibrary / Getty Images

Honda launched a new compact SUV in 1997, the CR-V. By launching this smaller SUV, Honda provided its customers with the utility of an SUV without the bulk. With the addition of a four-cylinder engine, the 1997 CR-V became a perfect choice for Honda buyers. In 2002, Honda redesigned the CR-V, dropping its somewhat boxy styling to give it a more modern look. This first redesign of the CR-V lasted until the 2006 model year. The 2005 CR-V came standard with an AM-FM radio that also included a CD and cassette player. A fuse protects the radio from electrical failure by breaking the circuit in the event of electrical overloads or short circuits.

Step 1

Open the interior fuse panel door – located under the steering wheel to the right of the driver’s side of the dash – by pulling the bottom of the door out and pulling the door down.

Step 2

Locate the fuse for the radio – it’s the third fuse from the right in the bottom row of fuses on the panel. Remove the fuse by grasping its outer edges and pulling it out with a slight wiggling motion.

Step 3

Push a new 7.5 amp fuse into the radio’s fuse slot.

Insert the tabs on the door into the slots on the dash. Flip the door down and push it toward the dash until the door snaps into place.


  • If your CR-V continues to blow fuses, there may be a serious electrical problem. In this case, evaluate the electrical system of the CR-V.

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