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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to check if my car is under warranty?

3 julio, 2021

by Shanan Miller

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Many vehicles come standard with a warranty of at least three years and 36,000 miles from bumper to bumper, whichever comes first. Power train warranties, which cover major engine and transmission components, are also common. Some manufacturers offer even more, such as a rust or seat belt warranty. If you didn’t buy your car new, you need to find out when the vehicle was purchased and how many miles it had, as that is when the warranty began. Learn how to find out if your car is under warranty.

Step 1

Obtain your vehicle identification number (VIN). You can find it on an insurance card or on your vehicle’s title. Also have the correct mileage for your vehicle on hand.

Step 2

Call a dealer of the same brand. If you know where the vehicle was purchased, call there, as the staff can look up the vehicle’s purchase date in any department (sales or service). If you do not know where a dealer is located, you can use the manufacturer’s website to access the “find a dealer” option.

Ask to speak to the dealer’s service department. Tell the service representative that you want to know if your vehicle is still under warranty. He should tell you when the vehicle was purchased and if there is still any warranty based on your current mileage.


  • You can also run a vehicle history report to determine when the vehicle was purchased. The report is not free but it can be useful.


  • Don’t just follow your owner’s manual to determine if your car is still under warranty. Some vehicles can be purchased up to a year prior to the actual model year of the vehicle.

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