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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to choose the right Boston Whaler Dauntless model

5 julio, 2021

Boston Whaler is a brand called unsinkable that has constantly evolved since its inception. Design teams and engineers are constantly striving to create models that rise to meet the demand of their clientele and future subscribers. One of the brand’s most versatile families is the Boston Whaler Dauntless line. This model was first launched in 1994 and became an instant hit due to its popularity with boaters who enjoyed the versatility and new options this line offered for daytime sailing. It is a family of smaller boats that offers an excellent variety of model sizes.

Which Dauntless model is the best choice?

This depends on the type of activities you want to use it for. It also depends on the number of people you plan to bring. There are five different models to choose from.

The intrepid 270

The 1994 Dauntless models have improved over the decades with the first major upgrades in 2015. If you are looking for a great luxury boat that is affordable, then the 1994 models 270 through the early ’90s. 2000 can save you a lot of money. They are more economical if the boat has been well maintained and does not need major repairs. Be sure to check out the helmet though, because the replacement cost may make it more sensible to pay more for a newer model with better upgrades and significantly better amenities.

2015 270 Dauntless

The 270 Dauntless received a convertible dive door that was transformed into a patio. It was placed on the side of the ship rather than at the stern as a useful board for entering or exiting the ship. It greatly improved the access options. This is not the only change that was made in conjunction with the shape. More options were offered for fishing packages, as well as deluxe upgrade packages. There is a good chance that a model from 2015 onwards will have some warranty time left if the owners did nothing to void the contract. Repairs made by unauthorized services and the use of non-original parts are things that could interfere with the duration of the warranty.

The price of a used Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless

If you stick to a certain budget, you can find one of the oldest Dauntless ships for under $ 100,000. From 2016 onwards, the median sales price is around $ 97,000 with up to $ 125,000. The newer Dauntless 270 models are priced at around $ 235,000 from 2017 to 2020 in excellent condition for the used market. The 270 is the model most frequently offered for sale in used condition.

Other Dauntless models

170 Dauntless

The 170 is a small boat that is 17 feet long. It is designed for a maximum capacity of 6 adults and is versatile for comfortable sport fishing for small groups or for cruises and relaxation. It is configured for comfort and good performance with a 90 horsepower motor. You can order a new 170 with a variety of amenities including a ski tower, Fusion brand stereo, or sunscreen for shade. It comes standard with a telescopic-style swim ladder and a water sports platform. There is comfortable seating for 6 with handrails and a large strolling area. When it comes to handling, this is one of the most agile boats in the range and it is easy to operate.

180 Dauntless

This is the next size of the smaller 170. The 180 is 18 feet 1 inch long and large enough to accommodate up to 8 adults. This boat is an excellent option for small groups of sport fishing. The standard version comes with 6 rod holders, a reversible pilot seat, a 54-quart cooler for drinks and other perishables, and lockable storage compartments in the console. It is configured for swimming with a telescopic ladder and an integral swim platform. There are roomy comfortable seats for 8 and upgrades available for a well live front console, pedestal fishing seats, trolling motor panel, or towing bit with other watersports features. The minimum horsepower requirements are 135 horsepower with a maximum of 150 horsepower.

210 Dauntless

The Model 210 is a larger and more powerful boat with a length of 20 feet 6 inches. When you count the platforms, it extends to 21 feet 3 inches. It is also a boat for 8 people with a maximum power of 200 horses. It has an ergonomic tiller with SmartCraft indicators. It is equipped with a large life well and many …

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