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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to improve automatic reception of Am / Fm radio

3 julio, 2021

Look at the antenna wiring. One cause of poor reception is incorrect wiring or damage to the antenna wiring. Check if the antenna is the problem by taking a portable radio, turning the car off, and looking for the station on the portable radio. If the station is clear on the portable radio, start the car and try to find it without moving the vehicle on the car radio. If the signal is not clear in the car, there may be a wiring problem. Replace the antenna if the problem is related to the wiring.

improve fm radio signal reception

Replace the radio with an HD radio. Unlike original car radios, HD radios pick up clearer signals in high definition sound. Sometimes the problem with reception is the type of radio installed in a vehicle, especially if the car is older. Wiring problems with the radio itself can cause poor or no reception.

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