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6 julio, 2021

How to make a temporary gas cap

by Susan Maddocks

gas pumping image by Mat Hayward from

You have lost your gas cap and you need something to cover your car’s gas tank to make sure gas vapors don’t escape, leading to air pollution, and gas doesn’t evaporate at a rate faster. There are at least three steps you can take, depending on where you are and what resources you have when you discover that your gas cap is missing.

Step 1

Buy a temporary gas cap from your car dealer. Make sure you get the right type and make sure it fits you.

Step 2

Remove a piece of aluminum foil large enough to cover the gas tank opening. Place it over the gas tank opening. Secure it with a sturdy rubber band.

Step 3

Ask the gas station attendant for a replacement cap. Many attendees keep the caps that have been left.

Wrap a thick rag or thick cloth around the gas opening and secure it firmly with a sturdy rubber band.


  • Keep a spare gas cap in your glove compartment.


  • Fuel systems must be sealed to function properly. Be sure to replace the gas cap as soon as possible. Always be careful, as putting something strange on your gas tank can be extremely dangerous. Due to the ability of fuel vapors to burn violently, driving without a gas cap puts you at great risk of fire. (ref 2)

Articles will need

  • Temporary gas cap
  • Foil
  • Thick rubber band
  • A thick cloth or washcloth

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