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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to maximize your American Express Platinum in 2017

3 julio, 2021

Competition for credit card users is increasingly fierce. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that credit card companies are offering a number of related benefits to attract interested individuals. Despite its reputation, American Express is no exception to this rule, which means that American Express Platinum cardholders have a host of benefits to make their credit cards that much more useful to them. However, some of these benefits may be more obscure than others, which means that you need to make sure you research your cards in detail before you start using them.

Here are some examples of the benefits that come with an American Express Platinum that can be used to maximize your profit:

$ 200 Airline Fare Credit

As the name suggests, the $ 200 Airline Fare Credit allows the cardholder to receive up to $ 200 in credit for incidental fees charged by a single chosen airline to their American Express Platinum. Since cardholders choose the airline in January, but cannot change it outside of that period, this benefit encourages them to use only one airline, which means that their choice must be made with care and consideration. That said, the process is automatic, although cardholders should be prepared to call after four weeks if the credit has not been applied to their accounts at that time.

Lounge Club Collection

Technically, the Lounge Club collection is not just one benefit, but five of them. In short, it allows cardholders to access more than 900 airport VIP lounges in 120 countries through one of five programs, consisting of the Centurion lounge network, International American Express lounges, Delta Sky Club, the Priority Pass Select lounges, and the Airspace Lounge. Interested persons can find out the location of these lounges by calling the telephone number that appears on their credit cards or by consulting the search engine on the Lounge Club Collection website. However, they must remember that each of the five programs has its own set of rules about who can use its services and under what circumstances. As a result, cardholders need to read ahead to make the process easier for them.

The Hotel Collection

Booking a stay through the Hotel Collection website can provide a number of useful benefits to people who travel. For example, it comes with a $ 75 hotel credit, which can be spent on extras like meals and entertainment. In addition, it offers a room upgrade upon arrival, although it should be noted that this particular benefit is limited by whether such rooms are available at that time. Other benefits can be just as helpful, as shown in examples ranging from guaranteed lowest hotel rates to earning twice as many Membership Rewards points as normal.

Platinum meal program

Like the Lounge Club Collection and Hotel Collection, the Platinum Dining Program aims to maximize benefits for those who like to travel, though it also has more uses than those who prefer to stay. It basically helps cardholders secure reservations at 1,000 of the best restaurants to be found in countries around the world, which means it can be an incredible convenience for those who like to eat out on short notice. While American Express can help a lot on this particular matter, they said people should also remember that reservations are still subject to the rules of the restaurants they plan to dine at, which means they have to plan accordingly even if they use Platinum. Dining Program.

No fees for foreign transactions

Many credit cards are limited in the sense that their cardholders cannot use them outside of their home countries without being charged an additional fee in the process. This is not the case with American Express Platinum, which does not charge any commission for foreign transactions. However, cardholders should still use it with care and consideration, as other fees may also exist, such as ATM fees, which means that your transactions may not necessarily be free even with this particular benefit.

Membership rewards

In short, cardholders can use their American Express Platinum to earn Membership Rewards points, which can be spent on a number of useful rewards. Unsurprisingly, these rewards cover flights, …

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