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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to organize a road rally

5 julio, 2021

A road rally is nothing more than a scavenger hunt for adults using cars. The clues given should guide the participants along a journey that ends at a preset location or a location determined by the clues.

Plan and keep the rally schedule on simple route. There is usually a minimum of 10 cars per rally. The best road rallies are well thought out, have an entry fee per car, and often end in a restaurant or meeting where “prizes” are awarded to the top three or five finishers. Furthermore, most of the participants in road rallies are the result of word of mouth advertising. Also, if the road rally is organized around a particular charity, be sure to get an express agreement on the percentage of the proceeds to be donated to that charity. Additionally, the determination of how much of the remaining revenue will go to each award level (first prize, second prize, etc.) must also be stated somewhere for participants to see.

Involve local businesses in organizing your rally. Most small business owners are more than willing to help out on a scavenger hunt if it doesn’t cost them anything, but attracts people to their location. Try a local pizzeria serving slices of pizza. A clue at the rally could be “under the bottom” where a slice of pizza is bought, or at the bottom of the box or plate. It’s wise to set this up with the business owner in advance, but it’s fun for everyone.

Plot each destination point and rehearse the rally to ensure success. If you can’t figure it out, how will the participants be? Make sure all clues, instructions, and descriptions are clearly stated. Also, clearly state the end point of the rally, as well as the fact that the first car to reach that particular location is the winner.

Make all participants feel that their investment in the road rally paid off by providing food and beverages and meeting afterward to share and compare notes and stories about the rally. Participants like to share how they solved the clues to arrive at the final answer or destination.

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