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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to paste something on the dashboard of a car without leaving a mark

3 julio, 2021

Car dash mounts allow drivers to keep GPS devices and other items within easy reach without leaving any sticky residue. In some states, like California, mounting a GPS or other electronic device on the windshield is illegal, so a dashboard-mounted GPS is essential. Keeping your essentials, like changing for a toll booth and sunglasses within easy reach, allows for much safer driving, as you don’t have to look down and out of the road to find them. There are many options available in the auto accessories department of office supply stores and other similar retailers.

Step 1: car dash glue

Use a suction cup car dash mount for GPS, mobile phones and other electronic devices. Dashboard types of car accessories mount to the dash with a suction cup and have mounts that put the device in a good position for the driver to see.

Step 2: how to glue a car dashboard

Use a dashboard friction mount for electronic devices. Like windshield suction cup mounts, these stay seated on the dash of a car without any sticky residue, rather than using friction to hold their position. For example, you can buy bean bag friction mounts made specifically to hold GPS devices.

Step 3: how to glue my car dash

Use a reusable adhesive putty to stick photos or papers to the board. These types of sticky putties are found in most office supply stores. You put some putty on the board, then attach the photo to the putty. Putty comes off easily when needed.

Place a sticky board pad on top of your board to store miscellaneous items, like your sunglasses. Despite their name, these use friction to stay on the board, not sticky glue. The sticky part describes the surface of the pad that contains elements with a sticky material, although it does not actually leave a sticky residue.

  • Car dashboard mount
  • Reusable adhesive

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