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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to prevent birds from pecking the mirrors of a car

4 julio, 2021

by Solomon Branch

cardinal image by Chris Amos from

A bird pecking at the mirrors of your car is not only harmful to the mirrors, it can also hurt the bird. This seemingly strange behavior is the result of the birds thinking they are fighting other birds, usually for territorial mating rights. Mirror pecking is often the worst during mating season and is generally seen in more aggressive birds, such as the cardinal. There are several options available to prevent your mirrors from hitting.

Step 1

Wrap the mirror in a plastic or paper bag, making sure to tie it with string so it doesn’t leak. This will prevent birds from seeing your reflection and can scare them.

Step 2

Cover the mirrors with a dark sock. The socks will not scratch the mirrors and will stretch to fit over the mirror in most cases, making the use of string unnecessary. They are also easy to remove.

Cut pieces of cardboard in the shape of the mirrors and place them snugly over the mirrors. If they don’t stay in place, use small pieces of tape to attach them to the mirror housing.


  • Keep mirrors covered for at least a few days. Birds are territorial, especially during their mating season, and will often have a nest nearby, so they may return at some point.


  • Do not drive with your rear view mirrors covered, as doing so could violate traffic laws and create an unsafe situation.

Articles will need

  • Cardboard
  • Dark colored socks
  • Paper or plastic bag
  • String
  • Headband

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