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4 julio, 2021

How to program a 2009 Toyota Corolla key

The Toyota Corolla allows you to program transponder keys into your engine to control the start of your car. These keys, also known as chip keys or smart keys, are electronically synced to your engine as an added measure of security and convenience. Once programmed, only a transponder key can start your car. You can program the keys yourself in just seconds from the driver’s seat of your 2009 Corolla.

Step 1: how to program toyota corolla key

Have your Corolla key with you and lock all doors and windows in the vehicle.

Step 2: toyota corolla key

Lock and unlock the driver’s door with your key. Enter the car through that door and lock it behind you.

Step 3: how to program a key

Insert the key into the ignition and leave it there without turning until the security light comes on and stays on for 15 seconds.

Step 4: how to program a chip key

Put the key down and press the brake pedal five times to complete the process. Remove the key and open the driver’s door to confirm the programming sequence.

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