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2 julio, 2021

There’s no easy way to say it: If ignored, the dip of the dipstick can lead to very serious problems with your car’s engine. Bar bump occurs when the bar bearing has been partially or completely broken. It can be severe enough to disable the vehicle. The biggest problem with connecting rod knocks is that they cause other cascading effects, such as a broken connecting rod and the resulting holes in the periphery of the engine block. Drops in oil pressure are also commonly observed.

No mincing words, a push rod is the equivalent of a distress signal from your engine. This is not to say that the engine is beyond repair, but before you have to have a mechanic work on it, there are certain mitigating measures you can take to avoid making the situation worse. In some cases, you may even be able to fix it. So what happens for a rod hit to occur? More importantly, is it possible to employ any mitigation measures?

connecting rod stroke car

The connecting rod that is discussed here is the connecting rod and it is the part of the engine that connects the pistons to the crankshaft. At the junction where the connecting rod meets the crankshaft, there are bearings that distinguish the connecting rod from the crankshaft journal. When a motor is built, there are very precise clearance tolerances built into the design. Smooth in texture, these bearings are made of a different material than the connecting rod or crankshaft. Modern motors use bearings made of lead-free aluminum alloy.

Engine designs incorporate certain clearance tolerances, which are very precise distances with an order of magnitude of around 10-3 inches. The purpose behind these gaps varies depending on your location. The connecting rod bearing on the crankshaft journal is no exception to this rule. Clearance allowance is built in to let a predetermined amount of oil escape from a hole in the crankshaft journal at the connecting rod bearing joint. Similarly, the oil film on the connecting rod bearing plays a very important role: it prevents the connecting rod bearing and the crankshaft journal from coming into contact when the pistons are activated during engine operation.

What can happen due to wear is that this specific gap tolerance could be too great. Consequently, the oil is no longer properly filmed and what happens is a dip stick.

Why is it called “engine connecting rod stroke”?

Why ‘hit’? The term knock is used because of the sound that is emitted when the bearing contacts the crankshaft courtesy of skewed lubrication. This occurs during the power stroke of the engine. The really extreme cases of rod bumps occur when the rod contacts the crankshaft journal. Naturally, this happens at the point where the bearing has come out of place.

rod stroke

While the bearing can degrade due to normal wear, it can also erode due to overheating of the bearing material. This overheating is usually the result of a lack of oil, as the parts cannot move over each other without generating enormous amounts of friction and its by-product: heat. Sometimes even abusive driving could be a contributing factor, as it can lead to stretching of the bar cap. In general, rod knock can be due to an independent factor or a combination of any of the factors mentioned above.

Guidelines for fixing rod strikes. connecting rod knock on the engine

If diagnosed early enough, rod bumps can be repaired without much effort. What is listed below is probably the most cost-effective and easy-to-follow routine that will help mitigate the damage and, if you’re lucky, even fix it. To assess the extent of the damage, you will need:

  • Mechanic ramps: Mechanic ramps are a must for a good view, as well as to provide an easy access point to the engine. They help elevate the car so repairs can be done in more natural body positions.
  • Oil pan: Since dipstick hits are a consequence of oil imbalance, there is a high possibility that oil will spill from engine parts while damage is being assessed. It’s also crucial to drain the oil before reaching a fix for the dipstick hit. An oil pan does a great job of collecting the oil and avoiding a mess that nobody likes, right?
  • Oil filter wrench and new oil filter: The oil filter wrench makes the cumbersome process of removing the oil …

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