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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to silence the exhaust of a car or motorcycle; 5 tips

3 julio, 2021

If you (and your neighbors) are fed up with your car roaring through your neighborhood, the problem is likely the exhaust. Silencing your car doesn’t have to be a big job; there are many quick fixes that can be of great help. There are also some more complicated repairs, which need to be done by a professional, so it is a judgment call when it comes to deciding the right course of action for you. Obviously you want to do this while keeping your vehicle performing in top condition.

Before you do anything, you should try to get a better idea of ​​what is causing this exhaust volume. The most obvious reason is that your car has a particularly old exhaust, but the problem may also be that the exhaust is too powerful. So if you have an old bump or an upgraded supercar, the noisy exhaust problem could be the same! And in fact, the solutions are similar too. The other main culprit of a noisy leak is a leak. It is quite easy to determine if this is the case or not. All you need to do is park your car to see if there are puddles or smoke underneath. Be sure to check on a flat surface with the brakes firmly applied. After all, your safety is paramount.

Now, let’s look at more details on those five ways you can silence a car’s exhaust.

Repair the leak; how to silence an exhaust


If the exhaust is leaking, the logical thing to do is fix it. So if you have discovered a hole in your tailpipe, this is what to do. If you discover a small hole, the material you will need the most is a heat resistant epoxy. The instructions on the package should make the steps you need to follow relatively straightforward. However, if you have to deal with a larger hole, you may find that this is not enough. A product like muffler cement is likely to do the job more effectively, so buy a tube that is large enough to deal with the problem you are facing. Before applying any product to your car, you need to clean the rust from anywhere that it needs to be treated. If you find that the exhaust is covered in holes, this is likely your signal to buy a new one.

Invest in a new muffler; how to silence the exhaust of my motorcycle

One of the most important parts of a car’s exhaust to keep it quiet is a muffler. This is the part that covers the end of the pipe before opening. Its main function is obviously to make the exhaust quieter, but if you’re not doing the job properly, it may be time to get a new one. There are many different mufflers that are suitable for various vehicles, so take your time choosing one that is suitable for your car. If you plan to do the installation work yourself, be sure to take the time to be sure of what you are doing. If you’re not confident, it may be worth hiring a professional to take care of the task for you.

DIY soundproof silencers; how to silence a motorcycle exhaust

Your next option also includes soundproof silencers, but this time, you can build your own. Essentially, you are looking for a sound-deadening material that muffles exhaust noise as sound travels through it. Some different options include metal wool, steel scrub, and fiberglass packaging. Regardless of the materials you choose, they must be heat resistant. There are many videos online that give you a good overview of how to do this job, but if you are inexperienced, you probably better not try it yourself. Instead, you should enlist the help of a professional mechanic, or at least an expert who has worked on many cars in the past.

Buy a muffler; how to silence exhaust

Two escapes

Another item that can help you calm down that overly loud car exhaust is a muffler. Essentially these work by narrowing the hole that exhaust noise must travel through, reducing noise. In terms of ease of installation, this option ranks high. All you need to do is slide it into the tailpipe and voila. Make sure you buy one that suits your specific exhaust. While this solution may not muffle sound in the same way as some of the other options above, it is an easy and affordable solution.

Put on a DIY muffler

The last option sticks to the muffler theme, but this one involves using something homemade rather than something bought from the store. Obviously this is a method that …

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