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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to test a fuel pump relay on a Ford Ranger 94

2 julio, 2021

A broken fuel pump relay causes the pump to malfunction, depriving the engine of fuel. The engine may stutter, stall, or not start at all. Fortunately, you can test the fuel pump relay in a 1994 Ford Ranger without purchasing any additional special parts, relays, or tools. Almost all novice mechanics can test the fuel pump relay in a few minutes to determine if further diagnosis is necessary or if the fuel pump relay is the source of mechanical problems.

Step 1: ford ranger fuel pump relay

Locate the relay and fuse box in the engine compartment. It is located near the firewall on the driver’s side of the engine compartment.

Step 2: ranger 94 fuel pump fuse

Remove the cover from the fuse and relay box.

Step 3: ranger 94 fuel pump

Remove the fuel pump relay with needle nose pliers. The relay is located in the center row with 13 fuses in the row. The fuel pump relay is the third relay from the right.

Step 4: ford ranger gas relay

He pulls the relay that is fifth from the right. Insert it into the empty fuel pump relay, third from the right. Insert the relay you originally removed from the third slot and insert it in the fifth position from the right.

aso 5: ford ranger fuel pump fuse

Start the vehicle. If the engine stalls, stutters, or does not start, the fuel pump relay is bad. Remove the original fuel pump relay from the slow 5th from the right. Remove the replacement relay from the third slot from the right and insert it into its original position in the fifth slot. Take the original fuel pump relay to an auto parts store and purchase a replacement. If the engine does not stutter, stalls and starts as it should, return the relays to their original positions and diagnose other areas of the fuel system.

Step 6: ranger 94 fuse box

Insert the new relay into the third slot from the right. Place the cover on the fuse box.

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