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▷▷ 2021 ▷ How to troubleshoot a Yamaha jet ski

3 julio, 2021

by Brianna Collins

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In addition to its extensive line of recreational land vehicles, Yamaha has also been constantly building its selection of jet ski models. Yamaha offered a dozen different models in the Wave Runner lineup in late 2010 alone, ranging from sporty individual Waverunner design to cruiser models capable of handling multiple passengers. Despite this variety in different Waverunner models, Yamaha offers similar troubleshooting tips for all of its jet skis.

Engine won’t start or spin

Step 1

Deselect “Lock Mode” on the Yamaha security system.

Step 2

Check the engine stop switch. If your clip is not in place, install it properly and restart the engine.

Step 3

Check the battery. Tighten all connections and recharge. If the battery or connections appear damaged, replace them and retest the starter. If it still doesn’t start, continue to the next step.

Inspect the starter motor. If it appears damaged or defective, take the Waverunner to a Yamaha dealer for inspection.

Engine does not start but turns

Step 1

Make sure not to try to start the Waverunner with the throttle lever pressed with your right hand, as the engine cannot start with this lever depressed. Release your grip and start the engine.

Step 2

Check if there is fuel in the fuel tank. If the tank is empty, fill it with unleaded gasoline. If there are adequate levels of gasoline, check the condition of the fuel in the tank. If it looks watery or rubbery, it may be contaminated or rancid. Take the watercraft to a Yamaha dealer for rinsing and refilling.

Step 3

Remove the spark plug and inspect it and the electrode. If the electrode is dark brown or black, the spark plug may be damaged. Replace and check to make sure you have set the spark plug gap to the specifications in the owner’s manual for that particular Waverunner.

Restart the engine. If it still does not work, take the Waverunner to the shop as this may indicate a problem with the fuel pump or fuel system.

Engine stalls or fails

Step 1

Check that there is enough fuel in the gas tank and refill as needed.

Step 2

Check for water or dirt in the gas tank. If there is dirt, take the Waverunner to a Yamaha dealer.

Step 3

Set the spark plug gap correctly and replace the spark plug (s) if they are damaged.

Step 4

Have a Yamaha dealer inspect the Waverunner if the spark plug cap is damaged or not connected.

Inspect the electrical system for loose connections and take the watercraft to the shop to tighten it if there are loose connections.

Warning light / flashing indicator is on

Step 1

Check the fuel tank and refill if necessary.

Step 2

Take the watercraft to the workshop if the oil pressure warning comes on.

Step 3

Look inside the jet’s entrance. Remove any algae or other debris that may have lodged in the socket, taking care not to damage the socket itself. A clogged intake can cause the warning light to come on and the engine to overheat.

Take the Waverunner in for inspection if you suspect faulty warning sensors.


  • Take the Waverunner to a certified dealer if troubleshooting fails.


  • Gasoline emits explosive vapors. Do not smoke or go near heat while handling fuel.

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