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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Is Audi extended warranty worth your money?

7 julio, 2021

When Audi’s standard factory warranty expires, the automaker offers a few different options to extend coverage. This means that you can still save money on repairs that would otherwise be expensive under certain circumstances. Knowing when coverage applies and when coverage does not apply is where you can judge whether buying an Audi extended warranty for used (and certified pre-owned) and new cars is the best option for added peace of mind.

What is included

Like most extended warranties, Audi Additional Coverage is something of an improvement over the standard manufacturer’s warranty. This means that there is more component coverage and additional benefits that you will get by extending the warranty. Best of all, you can choose from multiple tiers when purchasing a warranty.

General Extended Coverage lasts up to 10 years or 120,000 miles.

Component plans

Most of an Audi extended warranty is made up of component coverage that offers repairs and replacements for defective parts. The extent of coverage depends on the particular plan you choose to purchase when extending the warranty. These levels are:

  • Powertrain – This is a basic extension of the company’s standard powertrain warranty that comes with all new Audi vehicles. The warranty plan focuses on important components such as the engine, transmission, drive axles, and electrical components.
  • Gold: Audi’s mid-tier extended warranty plan encompasses everything the powertrain tier has to offer and extends coverage to include specific components such as fuel, electrical, climate control and suspension systems.
  • Platinum: At the top, the platinum tier is the most comprehensive coverage available. In fact, it is primarily an exclusion plan, leaving out only a few components and conditions.

The cost of each plan increases with each tier, so choosing the right one ultimately comes down to the size of coverage you need.

Additional benefits

There are a number of additional benefits Audi offers in addition to main component coverage. Many of these benefits are shared with Audi standard factory warranties, but longer coverage periods make them more useful as a vehicle ages over time and distance, especially if it encounters an unexpected problem on the road. .

This is where the 24-hour roadside assistance program comes into play. By offering a $ 100 rebate for things like towing, the rebate makes it more affordable to deal with unexpected breakdowns and other problems while on vacation or driving the daily routes.

In addition to the road program, Audi offers a rebate of $ 35 per day (up to 10 days) for car rentals. For vacations, there is trip interruption coverage of $ 200 per day for up to five days at a time.

What is NOT included

While the Audi vehicle service contract offers great beneficial coverage on your vehicle’s major components, there are some notable limitations that can reduce the value you will experience. This means that the car warranty will not cover all components in all circumstances.

Parts Exclusions

The most obvious limitations of extended coverage depend on the level of component you choose. For example, choosing basic powertrain coverage skips many smaller components, so it’s not as comprehensive as the higher tiers.

It is possible to reduce the number of excluded components that your specific extended warranty has, but this will cost you a lot. As a result, it is important to find the right balance between repair cost and coverage, depending on your budget and the needs of your vehicle.

Problem exclusions

One limitation that many new warranty buyers are unaware of is the scope of the warranty itself. Regardless of the vehicle service plan you purchase, the extended warranty will not cover every repair and mechanical breakdown your vehicle may encounter.

Neither plan, for example, covers components covered by the standard factory warranty while it is still in effect. While this doesn’t matter in most cases, you may experience some overlap limitations if you purchase the extended warranty before the standard coverage expires.

Certain causes of problems are also not covered. Like the standard factory warranty, extended coverage focuses primarily on factory defects. There must be a problem caused by defective materials or …

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