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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Launch of the new Honda Winner X / Honda RS150R

4 julio, 2021

Honda winner x

The 2021 Honda Winner X Vietnam (aka Honda RS150R in Malaysia) launch is scheduled for August 22, 2020. A signal for a more updated Honda RS150R V3 for 2021?

honda rs150r 2021

Honda introduced the Honda Winner X for Vietnam in April 2016. Following this, the same motorcycle was released in Malaysia as the Honda RS150R and in Indonesia as the Honda Supra GTR. A few years earlier, the Honda Winner X in Vietnam went through a major upgrade. This update included a more aggressive body, ABS, LED headlights and a fully digital instrument cluster.

With the latest preview on Honda Vietnam’s youtube channel; The release of an updated Honda Winner X is scheduled for August 22, 2020. As the video shows only a silhouette of the motorcycle, some reports suggested that it could be a newer Honda Vario, but considering the shape of the motorcycle, it matches with the design features of the Winner X than the Vario.

2021 Honda RS150R Winner X Launch

honda rs150r

2020 honda winner x sport abs

Winner X Sport [Current] As it is only an announcement for the launch, there is no information on the specifications and updates that the model would receive.

However, according to some seculations; the new model would receive a smart key system, front and rear ABS along with minor engine and design updates. Well, it sounds promising as the direct competitor, the Yamaha Exicter RC / Y15ZR seems to have similar features and updates for the next (spy shot) alteration.

honda winner x turbo: honda winner x turbo price

[Rumour] Yamaha Y15ZR V3, Exciter 155 VVA Launch Set for early 2021?

Are you expecting a massive update on the upcoming Honda RS150R V3 in Malaysia? honda winner x price

So far the RS150R in Malaysia received only minor updates. In the case of the Honda RS150R in Malaysia, prior to the launch of the RS150R V2 earlier this year, we all thought that the model would receive a massive upgrade like the Winner X, however that did not happen.

2020 Honda RS150R V2

The latest announcement from Honda Vietnam regarding the arrival of the 2020 Honda Winner X gives us hope to see a more updated RS150R. Well yes, most people in Malaysia prefer the style of what we get, but seeing as the Winner X becomes more refined annual, somehow gives us hope for some updates on the next Honda RS150R for next year or at least the next generation. Looking at how the Winner X is evolving, we think the next-gen Honda RS150R for Malaysia would soon get ABS, keyless entry, and some engine and body updates as well.

Fountain: Honda Vietnam Youtube

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