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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Laws on radar detectors in the US

3 julio, 2021

Millions of Americans use radar detectors to avoid speed traps on the highways. Speed ​​tickets are usually expensive, so anything that can help you avoid them, like having speed cameras, is a great idea. Detectors can also help you save on insurance premiums, which means they are a worthwhile investment. Gadgets are sold both online and in many stores. However, there is growing concern about the legality of radar detectors in the US.

car radar detector

What is a radar detector?

They are small electronic devices that are designed to alert the driver when approaching police officers or highway patrols. Most of these devices must be used inside the cabin of a car and typically turn on and send an audible notification when they detect police radar. Considering that the product can indicate when you have been driving at high speed, this device will help you avoid speeding tickets by allowing you to adapt to the required speed before a police officer detects you.

Are radar detectors legal in the US?

Before investing in one of the best radar detectors on the market, it is advisable to understand the traffic laws of the state. That way, you will know if they are legal and you will also follow the restrictions that surround them. Although radars seem to encourage speeding, you will be surprised to learn that they are legal in most states. To help you understand the laws of radar detectors, here is a breakdown of traffic laws in the United States.

Radar detectors versus radar jammers

A radar detector will alert you when you approach the police radar. That way, you know the safe distance to slow down so you don’t get a speeding ticket. On the other hand, road blockers are made to stop the radar signals produced by police radars.

While radar detectors are legal in some states, radar jammers have been illegal in all states since 1996. If you are found using a highway blocker, it is considered a federal crime and you can face many years in jail. So avoid radar jammers and instead use the best radar detectors available today.

Which states make the use of radar detectors illegal?

Sometimes the use of radars is allowed in some types of vehicles and prohibited in others. However, some states completely restrict the use of radars. Here are such states:

In Virginia, the use of radar detectors is completely illegal. Drivers cannot use the device in any vehicle, public or private. If you are caught with a radar in Virginia, you will be issued a speeding ticket regardless of whether you have exceeded speed or not. In addition to getting the fine, the radar will be confiscated by the police. Selling radar detectors is illegal in most of the state of Virginia.

The use of radar detectors in Minnesota and California is legal. However, drivers cannot place the device on the vehicle’s windshield. Drivers cannot mount the device in any car, public or private. The laws do not allow motorists to put anything on the windshield. According to these regulations, the elements attached to the windshield obstruct the driver’s vision. Therefore, you can have the radar in any part of your car other than on the windshield.

The use of radar detectors is legal in Texas, but the device should not be mounted on commercial vehicles.

  • Illinois, New Jersey and New York

The legality of detectors in New York, Illinois and New Jersey will depend on the type of vehicle in which you use them. The use of radars in commercial vehicles is illegal. If you are caught with a radar in a commercial car, you will be issued a speeding ticket regardless of whether you were driving at the correct speed or not. However, the use of detectors in private cars is legal in these states.

Why are radar detectors illegal in these states?

The ban on radar detectors in these states is intended to minimize recklessness and speeding by motorists. This is particularly vital for commercial vehicles, as it ensures passenger safety. In the absence of these devices, the driver is forced to adhere to speed limits to avoid receiving speeding tickets.


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