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2 julio, 2021

Sam Flynn drives is a Ducati 1000 SportClassic Biposto. This ride was a perfect fit for the protagonist of TRON and had an interesting production.

The bike that Sam Flynn drives is a Ducati 1000 SportClassic Biposto. This ride was perfect for the TRON protagonist, and the bike itself had an interesting production. The SportClassic line was discontinued before the movie was released, leaving many wishing they had bought one while it was still available.

Read on to learn more about this beautiful Ducati motorcycle and why it was discontinued.

The Ducati 1000 SportClassic Biposto

It appears that the 1000 SportClassic driven by Sam Flynn is the 2008 model. This Ducati is a four-stroke café racer with a 90º 2-cylinder engine. The 992cc SOHC engine produces significant torque of 90.7 hp and 67.3 lb-ft. It is equipped with a dual-spark Desmo 1000 engine, Ducati’s flagship engine that is a multi-generational engineered product.

The SportClassic line was designed after Ducati motorcycles in the style of the 70s. The cafe racer style has been the subject of wavering trends over the years. The designation “Biposto” refers to the seats for both the driver and the passenger. Its gorgeous open design showed off the bike’s mechanical components and was equipped with dual mufflers and Marelli electronic fuel injection. Handling was enhanced by the adjustable Sachs suspension with 43mm inverted Marzocchi forks.

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TRON: Legacy, ducati tron ​​legacy price

The original TRON was released in 1982 by Disney, following the story of a software engineer who is transported to a virtual world. The original lead was played by Jeff Bridges, who returned for the 2010 version of the film. In the most recent version, TRON: Legacy, Flynn’s son travels to the same world to find his father.

Sam Flynn’s presentation is accompanied by a scene in which he races a Ducati 1000 down the highway, weaving his way through traffic at breakneck speeds. A police officer records him at 103 mph in the tunnel before making a cunning escape over the side of a bridge. This epic scene is practically an advertisement for the SportClassic, and the Ducati logo is prominent when the bike is parked.

The Sport 1000 can be seen once again when co-star Olivia Wilde accompanies Sam on a motorcycle cruise. Ducati’s “Biposto” functionality is revealed here, as the removable passenger seat cover is attached to the motorcycle.

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Why it was discontinued, tron ​​legacy moto ducati

The end of the 1000 SportClassic was probably down to a patchwork of features. Although the popularity of the motorcycle would have increased after the release of the film, the 1000 SportClassic was discontinued before going to air in theaters. According to some, the bike was discontinued due to incredibly low sales. The café racer trend did not reach maximum popularity during that time and was the singular brown motorcycle style in the entire Ducati line.

Ducati launched the Scrambler in 2014, a similar styling with an open fairing design. It doesn’t quite match the classic, retro feel of the SportClassic line. His original MSRP started at approximately $ 11,995. The value of the 1000 SportClassic has clearly increased since the film’s release. Today, you can find used models that range from $ 14,990 to $ 29,995 depending on mileage and condition.

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