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▷▷ 2021 ▷ New colors, new offers for the Honda Africa Twin 2021

6 julio, 2021

Honda’s Africa Twin was thoroughly overhauled 12 months ago, so it’s no surprise that the 2021 changes are limited to color schemes; However, the company is also promoting new financial deals that can generate monthly payments for less than £ 28.

Starting with the colors, Honda has decided to offer the ‘Pearl Glare White Tricolor’ option which was previously only available on the higher specification Africa Twin Adventure Sports on the base CRF1100L Africa Twin, alongside the existing Grand Prix Red and Matte Ballistic Black options. . . With over 70% of adventure sports buyers opting for the white, red and blue ‘Tricolor’ scheme, Honda wisely decided that it will also make the regular Africa Twin more attractive.

However, it is not as attractive as some of the firm’s financial deals on the remaining Africa Twins with 2020 specs might turn out to be. Honda announced deals on all Africa Twin versions with 4.9% APR, deposit contributions of up to £ 1000 and the option of larger than normal initial deposits to reduce monthly costs. To achieve the monthly fee of less than £ 28, you will need to opt for the base 2020 Africa Twin, with a retail price of £ 13,049 and a deposit of £ 5524.50. Then Honda will add a deposit contribution of £ 1000, bringing the down payment to 50% of the motorcycle’s list price. This is followed by 11 monthly payments of just £ 27.67 and a final balloon payment of £ 6524.50. Sure, that means the monthly payments only cover interest, as the deposit and balloon payment add up to the motorcycle’s list price, but you still get £ 1000 of the cost paid by Honda.

The rest of the offers are similar, with a duration of 12 months and with identical deposits of 50% and final payments of 50%, although Honda’s deposit contribution level changes depending on the version you buy. Adventure Sports only receives a contribution of £ 500, while Honda will not make any contribution towards purchases of the Adventure Sports ES (electronic suspension) model. Right at the higher end of the range, Adventure Sports ES DCT Plus, which is listed at £ 20,149, needs a deposit of £ 10,074, 11 payments of £ 42.73 and then a final payment of another £ 10,074.

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