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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Neymar’s net worth is $ 185 million (updated for 2020)

6 julio, 2021

Anyone who follows international football knows who Neymar is. There is some debate as to whether he has the star power of a Ronaldo or Messi, but basing his actual talent and performance on the prime of their respective careers, the vast majority of goals soccer fans would likely choose Neymar. With this somewhat debatable primer, we will examine how Neymar has been able to achieve an estimated net worth of $ 185 million.

We start with his important salary with PSG. That salary was the result of his transfer from Barcelona to PSG, which put an estimated $ 350 million in Neymar’s coffers between now and 2022 according to Forbes magazine. As we look at Neymar’s current equity value, it’s worth mentioning that his future value to PSG sets the stage for an even bigger contract in 2022. The star forward will only be 30 when the current contract expires and PSG pays. around $ 263 million in addition to agreeing on Neymar’s salary to close the business deal.

Neymar started making money at the relatively young age of 17 when he played for Santos in his native Brazil. Within a few years, he is reported to have earned a salary of around $ 20 million a year, a great start to amassing his current fortune. One quality he has shown over the years is that he is someone who knows his own worth, because as a young man he turned down other offers from internationally renowned teams like Manchester United and Barcelona to stay.

The reason was that those teams were European, and Neymar wanted to establish his name as the outstanding soccer talent of South America, which he did. But his star began to fade or the lure of out-of-this-world money offers from European clubs caused him to leave just before the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament. That European team, Barcelona, ​​reached a agreed with Neymar, but the exact numbers were kept secret. Obviously, that figure was much higher than the $ 20 million he was receiving for staying in South America, and what we do know is that his business value would increase to more than $ 250 million in 2016. At this point, Neymar’s net worth it was shooting up.

What followed its growing international recognition and popularity was landing a series of endorsement deals that would make it even more valuable as a marketing product. One of those companies was Nike. Their estimated total of their annual endorsement deals is $ 17 million, and one of them includes a long-term contract with Nike, so it can be considered guaranteed money. While Nike is the most conspicuous of corporate contracts, other internationally renowned companies such as McDonalds and Gillette have also signed deals with Neymar to do commercials.

This continuous flow of money would place Neymar to start investing in the real estate sector. Instead of having a single residence in his home country, his constant travels led him to buy real estate in several countries; partly because of his professional career, and partly because of his personal pleasure. In 2016 he bought a mansion worth an estimated $ 10 million in his native Brazil and gave it a name: Portobello.

He would add a five-story mansion in Paris to his collection, but would later sell the property for security reasons. It was this x-factor that made Neymar lose interest in acquiring real estate for personal pleasure and limited him to a more investor perspective.

The estimate of $ 185 million is likely to be low. One of the reasons is the secret contract he signed with Barcelona several years ago. Another is your real estate which has apparently dropped to the x factor and is probably held privately under a different legal name. As with any international star, there are many pitfalls related to the fortunes offered, and Neymar’s move from South America increased the number of potential dangers. However, he has a ton of hired money waiting for him, and at 26, his financial future looks very bright. The stars of Ronaldo and Messi are likely to fade in the coming years, making Neymar the brightest of all.

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