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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Ranking of the 15 best Kawasaki Ninja sports bikes according to their value

1 julio, 2021

The Kawasaki Ninja is one of the best sports bikes out there, and has been for decades. This is a ranking of the best according to value.

kawasaki sports bikes

Kawasaki is known for its many varieties of sports motorcycles. Among all the motorcycles, certain models stand out; after all, not all models had the same reception, nor did they offer the same features, nor do they handle the same thing on the road. Unfortunately, some of the best bikes also have the highest price. It would cost almost as much as a small home down payment to own the most prestigious, reliable and famous Kawasaki Ninja sports bikes.

Many of their models are four-cylinder, although some are two-cylinder and some are even single-cylinder. The motorcycles are manufactured in plants located in Japan, Michigan, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Thailand, as a division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Kawasaki motorcycles began production in the early 1960s, and production and reputation took off in the late 1960s. Many motorcycles have appeared in racing, touring, and other motorcycle sports.

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fifteenNinja 250R ($ 4,300): kawasaki ninja sports motorcycle kawasaki ninja 250

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The Ninja 250R was released in 2008, with similarities to other Kawasaki Ninja bikes. It features high-performance petal disc brakes, rear suspension, a single raised muffler, and a driver-friendly engine. The 250R boasts compact size and the honor of being the only 250cc sports bike sold in America, selling well for more than a decade.

14Ninja 400 ($ 5,000): ninja sports bike

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A decade later, in 2018, the Ninja 400 hit the market. It has more horsepower, a more athletic appearance, and an even sportier appearance compared to previous models. The Ninja 400 has a cage-like steel frame, which provides high rigidity and low weight. Its dash has a dial tachometer and a monochrome display, making the bike easy to read in sunlight.

13Ninja GPZ900R ($ 6,000): ninja sports bikes

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The first bikes in the Ninja line, the GPZ900R, arrived in 1984 after secret development in the previous years. It featured an inline four engine, reaching top speeds of around 150 mph and generally delivering an average of 115 mph. Drivers noted a combination of smart ergonomics and smart aerodynamics and smart ergonomics, making it eye-catching but practical.

12Ninja ZX-9R ($ 6,000): sporty kawasaki bikes

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The Ninja ZX-9R was a race bike that, oddly enough, was not made to set records. Upon arrival, the public compared the ZX-9R to Honda’s CBR900RR. However, Kawasaki noted how their bikes were excellent on the road and comfortable to operate due to the seat and upright riding position. He found success in entertainment, if not any racing game.

elevenNinja 650 ($ 7,400): The Best Sports Bikes

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Kawasaki announced the Ninja 650 as universal, up-to-date, and for all occasions. To live up to its claim, Kawasaki gave the Ninja 650 a new frame and design with reasonable engine power. The Ninja 650’s engine has 67 horsepower, keeping power under control while remaining efficient. All of these features combined intrigued many potential riders.

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10Ninja Z800 ($ 8,400): sporty kawasaki

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Then there’s the Ninja Z800, which features a modern and futuristic mechanical look. It has a four-cylinder engine with the power of a sports bike and the torque …

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