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▷▷ 2021 ▷ Review of the Vespa GTS 300

5 julio, 2021

2020 Vespa GTS 300 Review

Editor’s Score: 90.25%

Motor 19.5 / 20
Suspension / Handling 12.5 / 15
Transmission / Clutch 9.75 / 10
Brakes 8.75 / 10
Instruments / Controls 3.5 / 5
Ergonomics / Comfort 9.25 / 10
Appearance / Quality 9.5 / 10
Attractive 9.0 / 10
Value 8.5 / 10
Overall score 90.25 / 100

As V-Twin is for Harley-Davidson, Ducati is for sport bikes and tissue paper is for Kleenex, the word scooter is synonymous with Vespa. Vespa’s characteristic shape is what the masses know as a scooter. With a rich history dating back to 1946, Vespa almost immediately won the hearts and minds of people around the world. The evolution of that first Vespa 98 that I have been riding for the last two weeks is what I enjoy about old bikes. It’s interesting to see where we’re going, but it’s great to see where we’ve been. The Sei Giorni finish mixes a bit of both in this model.

HPE: vespa 300 gts 2021

That is all you can see on a Vespa. Just a hint to the inner workings of how this scooter works. The hot ticket with the latest GTS 300 is its new High Performance Engine (HPE). While the displacement remains the same at 278cc as the 2018 GTS 300, a lot has changed internally with the Single. The motor head was completely redesigned for better cooling and efficiency. Its four valves are now slightly larger and the combustion chamber itself has been remodeled for better performance and even has new spark plugs to fire. The camshaft has been modified to optimize timing.

The engine is fed by higher pressure injectors and a larger intake system. All that said, Vespa claims a 12% power increase – 23.8 horsepower at 8,250 rpm. However, it is the torque you feel moving away from the road signs that is so addictive. We are told that HPE sees an 18% increase in pound-feet with the GTS 300 now dropping 19.2 at 5,250 rpm. The engine is controlled by the latest Magneti Marelli ECU, which helps make the machine Euro 5 compliant. This is all you will see of the Vespa’s 278cc powerhouse as it is perfectly tucked inside the unibody chassis of the Vespa. steel.

The transmission has also been overhauled, says Vespa: “The CVT has a new belt, new geometry and new materials, all wrapped in a new cover covered with sound absorbing material, to reduce mechanical noise, also with the help of a new stiffer clutch. drum.”

vespa 2021. vespa 300.

The retro dashboard is simple and doesn’t provide much more information than is necessary. The new engine really allows the GTS 300 to accelerate with ease out of traffic. I was able to ride the GTS 300 Sport in Milan in early 2019 and the ability to get away from traffic lights quickly rather than being gobbled up by the hordes of commuting motorcycles was a comforting feeling.

The radiator and fan are neatly tucked into the GTS 300’s shield. Too often, I find myself riding scooters (any scooter, my own or those loaned by the press) at WOT. In my personal 150, it’s not a big deal. By the time I get to the next stoplight, I’ve barely exceeded the speed limit. Not so much the case with the GTS 300. I’ve found myself hugging myself more than a few times to find myself going… faster than I’ll admit here. Despite its short wheelbase and (relatively) small wheels, the GTS 300 feels planted when cornering on smooth surfaces.

On the freeway, because yeah you can take this bad boy on the freeway, the GTS 300 quickly hits cruising speed here in California. However, you could have just a mile an hour or two more before the speed sensor starts flirting with the governor. I have been told that cruise control is a new feature from HPE, which in itself is a bummer. Vespa made this new high performance engine, let her sing! At around the indicated 80 mph, the scooter starts to get a dragging sensation, but then disappears with a small increase in power for what could be 10 to 30 seconds before you feel it again.

I hit a maximum posted speed of 85 around a curve on 405 while Teslas and nearly everyone else stayed by my side, emboldened by the pandemic-induced lack of traffic.

Driving. vespa gts 300 2021

It’s a lot of fun going through heavy traffic on a scooter, especially one with good brakes, handling, and acceleration. The 12-inch GTS 300 shoe, with its 54-inch wheelbase, makes for an agile and fast dance partner. Suppose you come to a traffic light where the lane that …

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