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▷▷ 2021 ▷ specifications and review, service data Nissan QG18DE

4 julio, 2021


Nissan QG18DE

the Nissan QG18DE It is a 1.8-liter (1,769 cc, 107.94 cubic-inch) inline four-stroke naturally aspirated gasoline engine from the Nissan QG family. The engine was built since 1999 to replace the SR18DE and was discontinued in 2006. The Nissan QG18DE engine received the 2001 RJC Technology of The Year Award The QG18DE engine has a cast iron cylinder block and an aluminum alloy cylinder head with two overhead camshafts (DOHC). The engine uses a multi-point fuel injection system; Intake Side Variable Valve Timing System (NVCT); electronic ignition system with individual ignition coil for each cylinder; electronic throttle body; intake manifold with vortex valves, ERG system and three-way catalyst. The engine is also equipped with a self-learning mix ratio control system. The red line is 6,500 rpm. An engine version without Variable Valve Timing System (NVCT) was also available. The engine has the same cylinder block with QG16DE, but the cylinder bore is enlarged to 80.0 mm (3.15 in), the piston stroke is the same 88.0 mm (3.46 in). The compression ratio is 9.5: 1. Produced from 115 PS (85 KW; 114 HP) at 5,600 rpm to 125 PS (92 KW; 123 HP) at 5,600 rpm of horsepower and 158 Nm ( 16.1 kg · m; 116.6 ft · lb) at 4,400 rpm at 165 Nm (16.8 kg · m; 121.8 ft · lb) at 4,400 rpm of torque. The engine code breakdown is as follows:

  • QG – Engine family
  • 18 – 1.8 liter displacement
  • D – DOHC (double overhead camshaft)
  • me – Multi-point fuel injection

Engine systems description: nissan qg18de

Engine control system The QG18DE engine uses ECCS (Engine Concentrated Electronic Control System). This system controls fuel injection, ignition timing, and idle RPM as a single control unit. Multiport Fuel Injection System (MFI) The amount of fuel injected from the fuel injector is determined by the engine ECM. The ECM controls the duration of the injection pulse. The amount of fuel injected is a program value in the ECM memory. The value of the program is predetermined by the operating conditions of the motor. These conditions are determined by the input signals from the crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, and mass air flow sensor. Two types of fuel injection timing system are used.

  • Multiport Sequential Fuel Injection It is used when the engine is running. Fuel is injected into each cylinder during each engine cycle according to firing order.
  • Simultaneous multi-port fuel injection system It is used when starting the engine or if the security system is working. Fuel is injected simultaneously into all four cylinders twice in each engine cycle.

Electronic ignition system (EI) The Nissan QG18DE’s ignition system is controlled by the ECU to maintain the best air-fuel ratio for every engine operating condition. The ignition timing data is stored in the ECM, this data forms the map that is displayed. The ECM receives information such as the width of the injection pulse and the signal from the camshaft position sensor. By calculating this information, the ignition signals are transmitted to the power transistor.

General information: nissan qg18 engine specifications

Motor specs
Engine code QG18DE
Design Four stroke, Inline-4 (Straight-4)
Fuel type Gasoline
Production 1999-2006
Displacement 1.8 liters, 1,769 cm3 (107.94 cubic inch)
Fuel system Multipoint Fuel Injection (MFI)
Power adder None
Power output 115 hp (85 KW; 114 hp) at 5600 rpm 117 hp (86 KW; 115 hp) at 5600 rpm 120 hp (88 KW; 118 hp) at 5600 rpm 122 PS (90 KW; 121 HP) at 5600 rpm 125 hp (92 KW; 123 hp) at 5600 rpm
Torque output 158 Nm (16.1 kg · m; 116.6 ft · lb) at 4400 rpm 161 Nm (16.4 kg · m; 118.8 ft · lb) at 4,400 rpm 163 Nm (16.6 kg · m; 120.3 ftlb) at 4400 rpm 165 Nm (16.8 kgm; 121.8 ftlb) at 4400 rpm
Order to open fire 1-3-4-2
Dimensions (L x H x W):

Cylindrical block: qg18de motor

The QG18DE engine has a cast iron cylinder block, the cylinder bore is 80.0 mm (3.15 in), and the piston stroke is 88.0 mm (3.46 in). Each piston is equipped with two compression rings and a single oil ring. The compression ratio is 9.5: 1. The engine uses forged steel connecting rods with a length of …

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