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4 julio, 2021

Symptoms of Bent Tires »Useful Wiki Still Works

outward sloping front tire

You’ve hit the curb with your car and now something doesn’t seem quite right – your driving feels bad and your vehicle wobbles. Your car most likely has a bent tire. The symptoms of a bent tire aren’t always as cut and dry as you’d expect, but knowing what to look for can be the difference between a small repair bill and an expensive flat tire.

Causes of tire damage: bent tire

Even before your car shows symptoms of a bent wheel tire, you can easily find out if you are at risk simply by remembering your recent driving history. Bent tires commonly come from bending the fenders or hitting the curb. If this has happened, you may want to have your wheels inspected or have your wheels checked by a mechanic.

Vibrations: auto twisted rim

The vibration of your steering column will be easy to notice and will make your driving uncomfortable.

An unusual vibration in the steering column is an indicator of a bent tire. If your car has moderate to severe damage to one or more of its tires, the steering column will shake because the wheels are not responding properly. While vibrations can be caused by a number of problems, the most common of which is a bent wheel rim. This will be noticed quite easily, as the steering column is one of the few moving parts in a car that it interacts directly with.

Unresponsive steering: how to tell if a tire is bent

Turning onto a bent wheel rim can cause a puncture.

Your car may not respond as well as it is used to when turning. For safety reasons, you should not attempt sharp turning maneuvers: putting unnecessary pressure on a bent wheel rim could cause the rim to explode.

Flat tire: bent wheels

To avoid this result, it is best to have your car checked and inspected regularly.

A bent wheel rim will eventually cause an explosion. Your rim is designed to lie flat against the rim and not be lifted by an inward bent rim edge.

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