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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 best 8 passenger cars for 2020

1 julio, 2021

Well, the world has lived through the days when the huge beasts of yesterday, seemingly as big as ocean liners, roamed the streets and highways. AM radio stations played tiny echoes in the air as they passed, long fins glinting and globular fenders bulging. Those were the days, right?

But then came the need for economy. Gasoline prices skyrocketed and smaller cars adapted to the driver’s need to save gas. What we call midsize models came first, followed by even smaller, almost midget vehicles, most with just two doors and seats that tilt forward to allow passengers to make their way into the tiny rear seat. Yes, they were better on gas, okay, but they certainly weren’t made for family trips or road trips with the gang.

But history has a way of repeating itself, and while many rigidly claim the economic crisis still (and there are likely more facts to that claim than we understand), many check every day, their own bank accounts are fat and daring, and They do not do it. Think twice about economics, particularly the middle to upper class household. Today, people aren’t just buying long, slim, roomy Cadillacs or mini-vans that were made with Mom in mind. No, now is the time for the eight seat, the great Incredible Bulk that not only seats our own children, but those of practically every neighbor on the block, and the beast provides them with video and audio entertainment to keep them quiet. . during that trip to soccer or the class game. We have reversed, okay, but this time with all the comforts and conveniences that man can think of. To hell with gas prices… at full throttle! And turn down those cartoons, please …

Well, we thought about reflecting on the new 8-seater vehicles that have won the hearts of mothers, fathers and children everywhere. If you’re responsible for transporting someone at any time, you’ve daydreamed of owning one of these, but they can seem pricey, to say the least. In an effort to save you some anxiety, we’ve put together a list of ten of the best out there. They are listed from n. 10 to No. 1, from acceptable to best. Prices vary, as do extras and specs, but we’re sure this will help you decide whether or not you want one and, if so, which one is best for you.

Top 10 8 passenger cars for 2020:

10. 2020 Honda Pilot

2020 Honda Pilot

The truth is that Honda has been very lucky with the Pilot. It’s priced well, handles well, and isn’t that bad on gas. The standard version comes with front-wheel drive and six-speed automatic transmission, as well as a five-inch screen, Bluetooth, seven-speaker audio, USB ports, and a power button. And of course it seats eight, but it’s not quite as spacious as some on this list. However, it is comfortable and looks good. All this for the low price of $ 31,550 standard.

9. 2020 Chevrolet Traverse

2020 Chevrolet Traverse

The ever-popular Chevy’s Traverse is considered a midsize SUV that is capable of 18 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. If you opted to buy a standard one, you could expect to get a good-looking SUV with plenty of storage space – and we’re not just talking about the kids. They come with front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, a choice of cloth or leather, excellent safety equipment, power heated seats, and a larger-than-ever infotainment screen. Slightly roomier than the pilot and more eye-catching, it has seven trim levels and starts at $ 29,800.

8. 2020 Chrysler Pacifica

2020 Chrysler Pacifica

The Pacifica has long been considered one of the best looking family SUVs on the market, and it still is today, in our opinion. The 2020 model offers all kinds of passenger or luggage space, and comes with options like a sunroof, ventilated front seats, an onboard vacuum for those happy meal messes, hands-free sliding doors and liftgate, and a full list of others. options in terms of entertainment and comfort. Technically considered a minivan, it provides a smooth ride and good fuel economy, but doesn’t have much cargo space. The starting price for the Pacifica is around $ 33,700.

7. 2020 Hyundai Palisade

2020 hyundai palisade

The Palisade also comes with all-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, with a roughly $ 2,000 price difference between the two. This is a new model for Hyundai and replaces the Santa Fe; Since Hyundai has become …

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