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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 best Armin Strom watches of all time

2 julio, 2021

Born in 1938, founder Armin Strom set out to become a skilled watchmaker, and by 1981 he had created his first gold-encrusted watch that formed the basis of his watch company, which bears his name. Since 2009, the company has been creating its own in-house calibers, with its small team of employees, producing the most luxurious watches on the market. The watch company is widely known for its limited edition collections, as well as being the forefront of innovative skeleton design watches. If you want to get your hands on an Armin Strom watch, but don’t know where to start, take a look at the best Armin Strom watches below:

1. Racing Chrono – Starting Price: $ 5,344.86

Racing Chrono

Inspired by real Formula 1 racing cars, Armin Strom’s Racing Chrono is simply a masterpiece. In a titanium case, the watch uses sapphire for the crystal and is wrapped around the finest leather. The watch movement is automatic, requires no initial setup, and is easy to adjust around the wrist. The watch also uses parts from real Formula 1 engines and is perfect for both sports enthusiasts. The watch has been highly sought after by many for its attention to detail, and is said to be one of the watches that became the driving force behind the Armin Strom brand.

2. Manual Water (AMW11) – Starting Price: $ 10,067.60

Armin Strom Manual Water

The Armin Strom Water manual watch is a beautifully designed piece, with a sapphire crystal case back and stainless steel hands. The dial ring is white with patterned inserts and has a one trillion stainless steel buckle, although you can also opt for a stainless steel double fold clasp. Like the Gum ball 3000 watch, the Manual Water watch has a five-day power reserve and uses central time indications. The watch is also available in other styles, such as fire, earth, and air.

3. Max Chilton Edge Double Barrel – Starting Price: $ 27,355.39

Max Chilton Edge Double Barrel

One of the many sports-inspired watches Armin Strom has to offer, this watch was created in dedication to pro athlete Max Chilton, and sports a bold and dynamic look. Max Chilton himself has commented in interviews that he was satisfied with the result of the watch and has even praised the company for making the watch look sportier. The watch uses an ARM16 caliber, which helps the watch to be charged manually, with an eight-day power reserve. The Max Chilton Edge Double Barrel watch also uses PVD stainless steel around the case and has an enhanced sapphire crystal bezel, as well as an anti-reflective case back. The watch is limited edition, so get it before it runs out!

4. Skeleton Pure Fire Watch -Starting price- $ 46,168.57

Skeleton Pure Fire Watch

Launched in 2014 as part of a limited edition collection, Armin Strom’s Skeleton Pure Fire watch incorporates a skeletonized design, perfect for creating an elegant and refined look. The case is inlaid in 18-karat rose gold, along with a sapphire crystal caseback that helps make the watch anti-reflective. The watch strap is made of crocodile horn-backed leather, which is also inlaid in rose gold. The watch uses a caliber ARM09-S, which is manually wound and has an eight-day power reserve.

5. Tourbillon Gravity Earth -Starting price- $ 89,489.74

Tourbillion Gravity Earth

Part of the Tourbillon collection, the Billion Gravity Earth Tour is another skeleton watch that is both scenic and intricate. The watch uses genuine crocodile leather for the strap, which is easily adjustable and in black PVD stainless steel. The power reserve of the ATM13 caliber is not as large as that of other watches that Armin Strom has presented, but less it offers a power reserve of 110 hours, as well as a water resistance of 50m.

6. One Week Air – Starting Price: $ 28,372.32

One week of air

Available in other variants, such as Earth, Water and Fire, the Air One Week has open worked dials that is very artistic and makes the watch look perfect for any occasion. The titanium case, with an anti-reflective caseback, helps make the watch perfect. The white strap also helps complement the watch’s silver hands and, like many Armin Strom watches, they are made of white alligator leather and a one trillion titanium buckle.

7. Gravity Date Air – Starting Price: $ 21,253.81

Gravity Date Air Armin Strom

With a caliber ADD14, which has a five-day power reserve, as well as a date display with day and night indication, the Gravity Date Air belongs to the highly anticipated Gravity Date collection. The case is made of titanium with …

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