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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 best credit cards for the one percent

5 julio, 2021

Credit cards are designed to make life easier for us when we are running low on funds. Use them incorrectly and you can end up in a very awkward situation. Most of the credit cards we use can be obtained by virtually anyone living with an average income. For most of the population, a low interest rate charged on a credit card is as exclusive as possible. However, there is a small group of credit cards designed only for the extremely wealthy, commonly known as the 1%. You will not see these cards in any advertisement as they are not accessible to the average citizen. You want to be rich and / or famous first before you can smell the scent of these prestigious plastics.

Here are the top 10 credit cards for the 1%.

Infinite Visa

The Infinite Visa is the best option for ultra-rich people residing outside of the US Some of the countries that are eligible for the card include France, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, and Jordan. The card requirements will depend on the particular country. However, all countries require that the customer have 6 figures in the account and pay an annual fee that is usually around hundreds of dollars. Like its other exclusive credit cards, it includes a wide range of services, such as health advice, shopping in exclusive luxury stores, dining at 5-star restaurants, upgrades in air travel and travel planning.

Black Brazilian MasterCard

This card is the furthest you can go when it comes to exclusivity, at least in Latin America. It is accessible to members of the Santander Group’s private banking system. It is not yet known how much money you need to have in your account for them to be invited. There are only 3,000 cards available in Latin America. The merits of the card include access to airport VIP lounges around the world, discounts on private jets and 24/7 concierge service. Of course, you will have to part with an annual fee of just $ 349 if you are a cardholder.

Merrill recognizes American Express

To access this card, you must first be on the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management division customer list. The card is issued by invitation and is stamped with the gold Merrill Lynch logo. It charges an annual fee of around $ 295, which is not applicable if the client has a minimum balance of $ 250,000 in their Merrill brokerage account. However, it comes with a $ 500,000 spending limit and attractive perks like 24/7 concierge service, discounts on private Sentient Jet memberships, exclusive amenities at specific resorts, flight upgrades. and travel accommodation.

Citigroup Black President Card

This is one of the most unique credit cards out there, as in addition to wealth, you must also be a member of Citi’s investment and private banking units. It is only accessible to 5 percent of the population. The card comes with a $ 300,000 credit limit and a $ 500 annual fee. In return, cardholders can enjoy 24/7 concierge services, enhanced travel accommodations, and private access. to the airport VIP lounges.

Stratus Rewards Visa

The Stratus Rewards Visa breaks the rule of black cards and goes the other way: white. Like most of its peers, this card is only accessible by invitation to super wealthy clients. Perhaps the most unique feature of the Stratus Rewards Visa card is that it allows the cardholder to combine their reward points with associates, friends or other cardholders and redeem them for flight hours via private jets. Other benefits include consultations with lifestyle experts, merchandise discounts, luxury hotel upgrades, automobile service, discounted charter flights, and personal concierge services.

Coutts World silk card

This credit card is designed for copyright. The card is used by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth herself and around a hundred other clients who have a Coutts account with at least $ 1 million. The credit, which is royal purple in color, comes with an inflated annual rate of 49.1%. Of course, it has its perks, such as exclusive shopping at designer stores, access to luxurious airport lounges, and 24/7 concierge service.

Dubai First Royal MasterCard

For those who are mesmerized by the glitter of gold and the sparkle of diamonds, this card is sure to leave a mark on your heart ….

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