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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 best credit cards used by the rich

6 julio, 2021

When you earn the amount of money that some of the wealthiest make, you can expect all kinds of creditors to knock on your door, wanting you to carry one of their cards in their wallet. For some of the wealthy, these exclusive credit cards mean status, while for others, it means the freedom to get what they want, when and where they want. With incredible lines of credit, these cards have been used to make some of the most extravagant purchases that average people can’t even begin to imagine spending that way. They also offer all kinds of benefits that attract the rich, with extravagant bonuses and rewards. The credit cards that the wealthy carry are similar to those of the average person, although there are some small differences. If you’ve ever been curious about which credit cards the rich use, read on to see which are the top ten credit cards the rich use.

10. Citigroup Black President Card

This card is basically like the JP Morgan Palladium card. This card is only available to Citi Bank’s private banking clientele. While credit cards for the average banker and cardholder may have small annual fees, this one, for the wealthy, requires you to pay an annual fee of $ 500, but offers many advantages that high-end credit cards offer. range, like travel upgrades. , personal concierge and entrance to exclusive airport lounges. For the rich who love to travel, this card that will take them places.

9. Merrill Recognizes American Express

Only customers in Merrill Lynch’s management division are eligible for this credit card, and not only that, but they are also eligible by invitation. There is a low annual fee with this card and it can be similar to cards for the average person, at $ 295. Cardholders can even get a waiver of this fee if they have a spending limit of $ 500,000 attached to the card. The card features the Merrill Lynch bull logo, and that bull means many benefits are associated with it, including significant hotel discounts, complimentary amenities when staying at select resorts, as well as 24/7 concierge service. of the week. You can also get a discount with Sentient Jet private jet memberships. It is a card that really shows your wealth status and is one that many rich people carry in their wallets.

8. NatWest Black MasterCard

The NatWest Black MasterCard gives the wealthy an incredible $ 1.5 million spending limit. Extremely wealthy cardholders who have this in their wallet can not only be sure that they can pay so much with this card with such a large spending limit, but that it has a very low annual fee for such a large card of only $. 395 a year. The wealthiest people often find this card in their wallet because they can get flight upgrades with this card, 24/7 concierge service, travel accommodation, among many other perks.

7. Citibank Ultima Card

The rewards and benefits are not only popular with the general public when it comes to the credit cards they carry, but also with the very wealthy. They also want to get the most out of their cards to get great deals and incentives for using the card. The Citibank Ultima card has those benefits and gives the rich 120,000 points for no reason, just to have the card and it can be used for travel. Golfers will love this card in particular because it offers rounds of golf at select, top-rated courses around the world, free of charge. If that’s not enough, spend a day browsing free of charge with this credit card. The benefits are some of the best for the extremely wealthy because this card knows what the rich like to do and accommodates them at all times.

6. Visa Infinite

You’ll need six figures in your account to qualify for this card and will have to pay a small annual fee, but the rewards are great for the wealthy who love to travel, dine out, and shop. There are many benefits and rewards to all of these pleasures in life and you can even receive plane travel upgrades, dine at five-star restaurants, and shop till you drop at the best and most exclusive stores. The wealthy who live outside the United States find this to be one of the best cards, and the countries that issue the card are Jordan, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, France, Russia, and Egypt. These countries issue the card, but you must first qualify.

5. Coutts World Silk Card

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