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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 best MeisterSinger watches in history

5 julio, 2021

MeisterSinger is a German luxury watch company known for its one-hand watches. Manfred Brassler founded the brand in 2001 and since then MeisterSinger has consistently introduced watches that effortlessly blend classic style and tradition with exquisite technology. The design of MeisterSinger watches is impressive inside and out, and contains some of the most precise components in the watch industry.

Here are the top ten MeisterSinger watches ever.

MeisterSinger Adhaesio – $ 3,575


Swiss and German watchmakers have competed for superiority in the industry for centuries, and the Adhaesio aims to present the best innovations of the two. It has a distinctive German style with masterful Swiss craftsmanship and is the world’s first single-hand watch to feature a second time zone. How is it possible? The watch has open rings to adapt not only to a second time zone, but also to the current date.

This watch has a 21 jewels automatic movement and its power reserve is 42 hours. Anti-glare, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal covers the display, and the 43mm stainless steel case has a four-screw display back. The MeisterSinger Adhaesio is available in black, white, ivory and anthracite blue. Each version features different colored faces, hands and straps, but the same movement and engineering.

MeisterSinger Circularis – $ 5,995

MeisterSinger Circularis

Excellent engineering, beautiful aesthetics, and outstanding design can be found at Circularis. The one-hand watch has a lot of fashion versatility and is available in several color versions including Sunburst Green, Sunburst Anthracite, Sunburst Blue, Ivory, and Sunburst Blue with a gold bezel. The look of this watch alone makes it worth its price, but precision and attention to detail are what set its design apart.

A glucidur balance, two mainspring cylinders in series, and eccentric precision timing are just the beginning and are what helped the Circularis win major awards, including the 2015 Red Dot Design Award, the 2015 iF Design Award and the German Design Award 2016. The homemade hand-wound movement in the Circularis is made up of 27 jewels, produces 28,800 beats per minute and has a power reserve of 120 hours. It has a water resistance of up to 50 meters.

MeisterSinger No 01 – $ 1,595

Meister Singer No 01

The No.01 is a classic from start to finish. It looks like an elegant classic-style watch, it features a one-hand display, traditional indexes, and a manual-winding movement. This watch is all about time-tested craftsmanship, quality and detail, and it proves that less really can be more. He won several awards on his debut, including the 2004 iF Design Award, the 2004 Red Dot Design Award, and the 2004 Netherlands Watch of the Year. Inside the watch is a movement with 19 jewels and a 42-hour power reserve. MeisterSinger No.01 is available in four color palettes: Ivory, Silver-White, Sunburst Blue, and Sunburst Anthracite.

MeisterSinger Phanero – $ 1,595

MeisterSinger Phanero

Those who want a watch with a smaller case will love the Phanero, the smallest watch in the MeisterSinger collection. Its case measures 35 mm in diameter and has a strap that gives the watch an elegant touch. Its manually wound movement contains 19 jewels, has a 42-hour power reserve and creates 28,800 beats per minute. The Phanero is available in Sunburst Blue, Sunburst Anthracite with red accents, Sunburst Anthracite with gold accents, and Sunburst Green.

MeisterSinger Salthora Meta Clear – $ 3,850

MeisterSinger Salthora Meta Transparent

Every hour, the Salthora Meta Transparent offers its owner a show, courtesy of its transparent display that allows the wearer to get a glimpse of the watch’s impeccable engineering. It has a jumping hour movement with 26 jewels, and the clear display is accented with deep blue on its outer edges and white indexes. The Salthora Meta Transparent has a 38-hour power reserve, a 43mm case, and is water resistant to 50 meters.

MeisterSinger pen – $ 2,375

MeisterSinger Perigraph

Some watches simply indicate the time, but the Perigraph MeisterSinger also accurately displays the day with its seamless open date ring. Its design is so innovative that this model won several awards, including the Red Dot Design Award of 2009, the Good Design Award of 2009 and the Watch of the year 2012. The watch has an automatic movement composed of 25 jewels, produces 28,800 beats per hour and has a power reserve of 38 hours. The Perigraph is available in Sunburst Blue, Sunburst Anthracite, and Ivory.

MeisterSinger Paleograph – $ 8,175

MeisterSinger Paleograph


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