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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 best Mkii watches that money can buy

5 julio, 2021

MK II has earned a reputation for creating watches that put a modern spin on some of the most famous military watches of the last century. Combining classic Swiss precision with American craftsmanship and Japanese precision, the brand has partnered with high-quality, affordable watches that combine good looks with exceptional functionality. If you are looking for a new doll treat, you will not be disappointed with any of these ten exceptional pieces from the MK II collection.

Tornek Rayville 1 Top 10 Mkii Watches Money Can Buy

10. Tornek-Rayville

Based on the legendary combat diver’s watch delivered to American troops in Vietnam, the Tornek-Rayville is a workhorse built to go the distance and to look good while doing it. With a bold, high-contrast monochrome color scheme and an enviable feature score (not least, water resistance to 200 meters, 120-click unidirectional bezel, and luminescent indexes and numerals), this watch is designed to satisfy to the most demanding customer, and in that, he has great success.

MK II Hawkinge AGL

9. MK II Hawkinge AGL

Developed in collaboration with Recon Marine veteran Robert Spangle of, the Hawkinge AGL perfectly exemplifies both understated elegance and all-round expert craftsmanship in the MK II MO. The uncluttered dial offers excellent readability (with each hour / minute divided into 5-unit increments for easy minute readings, and nighttime visibility helps very well with the use of Super-LumiNova BGW9 on the dial and hands and the lume Arclite of green emission in the sweep). Meanwhile, the blacked-out British-style sword hands and yellow-tipped second hand perfectly complement the monochrome scheme.

MK II Hawkinge

8. MK II Hawkinge

With a subtle yet striking design that bows to watches delivered to the British Army, Commonwealth pilots and BOAC from 1948 to the 1980s, the MK II Hawkinge is a sophisticated and refined piece that epitomizes the brand’s commitment to timeless aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. Highlights include the comfortable 37.80mm diameter size, suburban durability (thanks in large part to the shock-absorbing Delrin movement ring), and superior nighttime visibility.

Hellion Cruxible MK II

7. MK II Cruxible Hellion

The second variant of the Mk II Cruxible is the Cruxible Hellion, a piece that pays homage to the iconic Elgin canteen watch developed for the UDT during the war. Available in date and no date settings, the watch features a smorgasbord of attractive features, including a 39mm solidly built (316L) stainless steel case, SuperLumiNova BGW9 technology to ensure superior nighttime visibility, water resistance up to 100 meters and a high dome case back for excellent portability. Consumers looking for a watch that combines understated good looks with outstanding functionality will certainly not be disappointed with this attractive little number.

MK II Cruxible

6. MK II Cruxible

As Gear Patrol points out, the MK II Cruxible, the MK II’s homage to the navigation watch worn by generations of US military personnel, is a heavyweight addition to the brand’s already excellent lineup. With a large, dynamic face in a monochrome scheme, a sleek, understated design, easy-to-read numbers, and SuperLumiNova technology hands, it’s worth every penny of its incredibly affordable $ 649 price tag.

Mk.  II Fulcrum

5. Mk. II Fulcrum

Described by Wound for Life as a modern version of the Rolex MilSub, the Mk. II Fulcrum is a delight for anyone looking for a piece that combines vintage sophistication with cutting edge craftsmanship. At 42 millimeters wide and just under 15 millimeters thick, it is large enough to be a competitor in today’s large watch market, without being so large that it feels clunky. Perforated lug holes add a nice touch, while the use of non-ferrous materials in the case offers protection against magnetic fields up to 80,000 A / m. Timing, as you would expect from any MK II part, offers the ultimate in precision.

MK II Paradive GEN 3

4. MK II Paradive GEN 3

Created in homage to the watches worn by U.S. Special Forces and CIA maritime personnel between the 1960s and 1980s, the MK II Paradive GEN 3 is a rugged, unapologetic, masculine creation with some very attractive features. Lucky owners can expect precision timekeeping thanks to its Japanese-made SII NE15 movement, a robust but not cumbersome diameter of 41.25mm, a water resistance of 200 meters and, courtesy of …

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