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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 cheapest places to live in Southern California

4 julio, 2021

Ah, sunny California! Admired from afar by Midwesterners and East Coast people alike. It has almost everything you could want except snow (as if any of us wanted a lot of that for too long). In fact, Southern Californians enjoy more than just sandy beaches and beautiful faces. They have Disneyland… they have Rodeo Drive… they make MOVIES! But there is a setback; It is common knowledge that the cost of living in South ‘Cal’ is anything but cheap. On the cost of living index, it has 149.9 points, while the United States averages 100 points overall. At times, it can be downright unreasonable because residents are paying for the prestige of the association. You know, it’s a lot like wearing Gucci or driving a Porsche. But if the southern part of the state of California is a place you’ve always wanted to call home, but can’t afford, there’s still hope.

Costa Mesa

10. Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa has the highest priced homes on our list, with an average cost of $ 880,000, according to Redfin. As for the overall cost of living, well, depending on where you’re from, on the whole it would probably seem like a deal breaker. But the city has its high points: It covers 16 square miles, including things like the Lyon Air Museum, the Orange County Museum, and some great homes and schools. As we mentioned, it’s the high cost of buying a home that puts this city at number ten, even though it’s actually on our list.


9. Irvine

Irvine is ranked number nine with a 2020 median cost of housing of $ 868,000. The good news is, while you pay California rates for your home and everything in between, you’re close to cities like Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Long Beach, not to mention the fact that Los Angeles is only 36 miles away. Irvine is also home to Crystal Cove State Park and the University of California, Irvine… in fact, there are eight colleges in the city according to If your heart is set on SoCal, Irvine is worth a look.


8. Cypress

With a median home price of $ 742,000, Cypress is ranked number eight on our list. With a population of almost 49K, this is a small town that has a few things to offer, making it worthwhile for more than a few residents. First, you have Trident University and Cypress College. Then you can expect to find more than a few things to do with the family, like the Navy Golf Course and Oak Knoll Park. It is only 3 miles southeast of Cerritos and seven miles from Anaheim, so you will find that you are close to many areas rich in shopping, entertainment, and the like. Cypress is a nice place; It’s on the high end of the low, maybe, but it’s pretty much getting the whole package. If you can afford it, we see Cypress as a place to live that you can afford and enjoy.


7. Westminster

Westminster is another beautiful place in Southern California that we can recommend as affordable and comfortable. It has a median home price of $ 715,000 … a little less than the previous … and also has nice neighborhoods, good schools and some pretty impressive local amenities, from hotels and the like to Adventure City, Sigler Park and several other impressive entertainment options. and education. If you are looking to live in SoCal affordably and with your family, Westminster could be the place.


6. Fullerton

First of all, this city has a variety of colleges and universities, including some that are faith-based, as well as a host of shopping and dining opportunities. Recreationally speaking, you’re looking for a chance to visit places like the Fullerton Arboretum and the Muckenthaler Art & Cultural Center, which offers over 60 different functions, festivals, exhibits, and much, much more. Median home cost in Fullerton is around $ 698,000, so you save even more and are in close proximity to other cities that also offer a wealth of resources.

Rancho Santa Margarita

5. Rancho Santa Margarita

This particular city, with a population of almost 48,000, has an average housing cost of $ 680,000, which is not bad for the location and the offerings it has. High points include Cañada Vista Park, O’Neill Regional Park, and others. Native Americans are the original inhabitants of this area, so you will have many opportunities to see some of the educational sites and learn about the area you live in. There is a good educational system for children and plenty to entertain them as well. Rancho Santa Margarita is a good option, with …

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