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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 most expensive Hublot watches of all time

4 julio, 2021

Hublot is a luxury watch manufacturing company founded by Carlo Crocco in 1976. Previously, Carlo Crocco had been part of the Italian Binda Group dynasty before leaving to try his hand at the watch industry. The result was MDM Geneve, with which it launched its first watch in 1980. The dial, which looked like a porthole, was what inspired the name “Hublot”.

Buyers were drawn to Hublot’s innovative strap and modern design, making it an almost instant hit. Hublot had set a new standard by incorporating the first natural rubber straps into a watch in history. Three years later, people recognized the superiority of the strap due to its ability to remain flexible and soft even after exposure to the elements and prolonged use. Since then, virtually all watch brands use rubber straps.

Today, Hublot belongs to the French luxury goods corporation LVMH and is one of the most sought after watches in the world. In fact, it’s so valuable that Formula One CEO (Bernie Ecclestone) was once mugged for his Hublot watch. Some of its most notable sponsors included Diego Maradona, Usain Bolt, the entire Manchester United soccer team, and the remaining members of the team had to come up with a method to authenticate their watches.

It is known as Wisekey and began operating in August 2009. Most Hublot watches tend to be expensive, but these are the 10 most expensive Hublot watches of all time.

10. The Bigger Bang – $ 62,500

The Bigger Bang

The Bigger Bang is all black with thirty-three encrusted jewels and a skeleton-shaped dial. It comes with a single button chronograph, a sapphire display, and a stainless steel clasp. During its auction at Sotheby’s, this Hublot watch sold for $ 62,500.

9. Classic Fusion Vision II – $ 90,000

Classic Fusion Vision II

The last Hublot on the list is also one of the company’s rarest watches. The watch was designed with various colored faces and features 25 jewels and inlaid materials overall. These include 18 karat rose gold, diamonds, and titanium. The most notable discrepancy from the other Hublot watches is the leather strap, which is usually made of rubber. The watch sold for $ 90,000 during a Christie auction.

8. Zirconium Classic Fusion – $ 160,000

Classic Fusion Zirconia

Although the design is not as dynamic, the Classic Fusion Zirconium is one of the most elegant watches Hublot has produced. The wristwatch is designed with zirconia, which is generally used in nuclear reactors, it is highly efficient and has excellent corrosion resistance. It also has a chronograph function, a water resistance of up to fifty meters and is automatic. Its power reserve can last up to forty-two hours. To complete the design, the watch incorporates side inserts and bezel lugs, giving this masterpiece an elegant atmosphere. The cost of owning a Classic Fusion Zirconium is around $ 160,000.

7. Solo Bang Tourbillon – $ 170,000

Tourbillon Solo Bang

The Solo Bang Tourbillon comes complete with folding buckles and black rubber straps. The watch is also water resistant to a hundred meters, while colors range from stainless steel to rose gold with all-black ceramic. Additionally, the watch features a manually operated rotating tourbillion mechanism and ceramic bezels. Additionally, the tone, which can be found at the 6 o’clock mark on the Tourbillon, varies from model to model. Some are stark and elegant, and others have vibrant colors. Make sure you have $ 170,000 before ordering the watch.

6. Classic Rose Gold and Diamonds – $ 180,000

Diamonds and classic rose gold

Speaking of designs, the Classic Pink Gold & Diamonds is one of the most elegant Hublot watches out there, with the company’s legendary functionality and engineering. Its case is made of stainless steel, which is also covered with a beautiful combination of brilliant diamonds and rose gold. The watch is based on the quartz movement. Its black rubber strap offers just the right amount of contrast while ensuring longevity, all at the cost of a McLaren 570S sports car: $ 180,000.

5. Big Bang King – $ 250,000

King of the Big Bang

Among the many all-black watches that Hublot has made, the Big Bang King is probably the most iconic. The wonderfully modern and stylish watch comes with a ceramic case, a black dial with a sapphire crystal, and of course Hublot’s signature rubber strap. In addition, the watch is water resistant to a hundred meters and its power reserve can last up to 120 hours. Combined with its interesting array of features, this watch is truly distinctive. The last…

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