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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 most expensive things on Ebay in 2019

4 julio, 2021

EBay sellers have moved a large number of products over the years. Turns out, you can buy some expensive and unpredictable items on the site. Ad space on a human forehead ($ 37,375), a grilled cheese sandwich with the face of the Virgin Mary ($ 28,000), and an imaginary friend (price not listed), to name just a few. You may be surprised how much people have made from these strange sales. We enjoyed all the weird and expensive items we found at the resale and auction giant so much that it made us wonder what are the most expensive things on sale this year. These are our ten most expensive items on eBay for 2019.

10. Automobile transportation business: $ 1.5 million

For those looking to get into a new business, this might be the perfect list. According to the seller, all equipment, trucks, contracts, licenses, and drivers come with the sale. This auto transport business is licensed by several states and the truck tires are in good condition. If you are looking for the opportunity to run a business from home and have a million and a half dollars to spend, then buying a car hauling business in Ohio might be a smart move for you.

9. Complete Machine Shop for Sale in Northwest Ohio: $ 1.5 million

Another great opportunity for someone looking to get into an established business is this machine shop, which is also located in Ohio, oddly enough. The company specializes in cutting tools, but with a full machine shop at your disposal, we imagine you can make a large number of different products. Staff are not included in this list, so you will need to hire yours. Millionaire handymen or serious shop owners will love this place. The building is about 25,000 square feet and comes with all the equipment inside. However, if you want some of the equipment, they are also willing to negotiate individual sales.

8. Old oil painting of The Lady in White: $ 1.5 million

This listing confused us a bit. The Lady in White is undoubtedly a beautiful painting. However, there is very little information about it. The listing simply says that it was painted sometime between 1717 and 1885. This painting is unsigned and, other than its size, no actual information is provided. Maybe it’s a hidden gem of a great artist, or maybe it’s someone’s best guess who pulled it out of your grandmother’s attic.

7. Dale Chihuly 2K Spider with Installation: $ 1.5 million

Artist and famous glass worker Dale Chihuly is known for his titanic creations. If you are looking for a charming and extremely complex chandelier that was created by a world-renowned artist, then we have found your listing. This lighting solution is made up of more than two thousand pieces of blue and turquoise blown glass. When you buy this beautiful piece of art, the installation is free worldwide.

6. 2014 Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6X6 BRABUS B700 Package: $ 1.65 million

This is the most unusual Mercedes Benz we have ever seen. It’s a modified SUV style that looks a bit like a tank, and a jeep had a child together. Obviously this is a dream car for the millionaire on the go who needs a little more cargo space and wants to see envious stares wherever they go. Buyers looking for truly unique wheels can buy them for just over a million and a half dollars with delivery included, plus the seller can accept trade-ins.

5. White 2015 McLaren P1: $ 1.85 million

Have you ever thought to yourself that you really need a McLaren P1 but don’t feel like driving to find one today? We have good news for you! There are two available on eBay right now. This one is white, and that means you get a fifty thousand dollar discount compared to the other version of the same car in silver.

4. 2015 Silver McLaren P1: $ 1.9 million

This silver McLaren P1 is even more stylish with its shiny paint job. The seller will deliver it to your doorstep, which seems fair for a car that barely fetches two million dollars. The classic butterfly wing doors on the McLaren make the gull wing doors on a Delorean look thick and dated. When you dream of driving your best, seeing a P1 on eBay is sure to make your day.

3. 45,000 square mile avocado and papaya farm in Panama: $ 2 million

When you get tired of all the bright lights in your big city, mansion, sometimes you long for a simpler life. …

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