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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 richest neighborhoods in Minneapolis

4 julio, 2021

In general, Minneapolis is a fairly prosperous city. There are poor areas, sure, but there are also many places where people have money to spare. In his wealthiest neighborhood, the median median income is more than double the national average. Meanwhile, the average home is priced at a whopping $ 723,900. If you’re interested in finding out the name of that exclusive little community, stay tuned as we tour Minneapolis’s 10 richest neighborhoods.

Fuller Tangletown

10. Fuller Tangletown

If you like a neighborhood to come with good transportation links, clean and safe streets, a good selection of lodging options, a quiet environment, and great amenities, you will love Fuller Tangletown. Just be prepared to spend a good chunk of your life savings trying to keep up with the neighbors. Since most households earn around $ 109,940 each year, this is not the type of place where a median income will cut it.

East Isles

9. East Isles

East Isles is not ideal if you like the 24/7 lifestyle. Small, sleepy, and delightfully laid-back, the neighborhood is known for attracting those who prefer the slow-paced approach to life. Noise pollution is low, as is the crime rate, and the streets are clean, walkable, and safe. It is understandable that the area attracts many families…. Although considering that the average property costs 92 percent more than the Minneapolis average, those families better have some significant savings to draw on. Judging by the soaring median income, that’s not a problem for most.


8. Hale

Hale is a small and exclusive neighborhood of around 3,244 residents. Blessed with an abundance of parks, a massive network of bike and hiking trails, excellent pedestrian accessibility, a small crime rate, well-regarded schools, and a quiet residential environment, it is widely regarded as one of the best places in Minneapolis to visit. raise a family. Naturally, all of that comes at a cost. The average home in Hale consumes 40 percent more than the US average, raising the cost of living well beyond the point that most people can afford. Most people… but not all. Thanks to a median income of $ 112,757, very few Hale residents are struggling to make ends meet.

Lowry hill

7. Lowry Hill

If your wallet is low on cash and your bank account is very similar, don’t make the mistake of searching Lowry Hill property listings without having to prepare first. Thanks to its status as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Minneapolis, homeowners can set whatever price they want (most aim for around 108 percent more than the US average) and still get plenty of interest. . If you can find something on budget, you can expect safe and walkable streets, lots of green spaces, great transportation links to downtown, and the kind of neighbors who would be reluctant to take a job for less than $ 100,000 per year.


6. Fulton

Home Snacks ranks Fulton as one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Minneapolis. We can’t say for sure what led them to that conclusion, but it’s fair to assume that the median income of $ 128,282 has something to do with it. What else does Fulton brag about besides wealthy residents? A lot, including a small unemployment rate of just 1.4%, short trips, lots of amenities, a low crime rate, and the kind of big, beautiful homes that have asking prices more than double the US average.

East Calhoun

5. East Calhoun

East Calhoun isn’t the type of place where a tight budget (or even a decent budget, for that matter) will get you far. According to Area Vibes, this small, exclusive stretch of real estate has property prices that are 123 percent higher than the national average. Even when factoring in the (fairly) reasonable cost of goods and services, the high cost of housing still puts the overall cost of living 42 percent higher than the US average. Fortunately, most of residents are earning enough to manage with ease.

Linden hills

4. Linden Hills

Linden Hills is arguably one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Charming, a bit quaint, and full of quirky bookstores, cute cafes, and chic boutiques, it’s the kind of place we’d all live in if we could. Provided, of course, we could afford it. Unfortunately, this small neighborhood is unreachable for everyone except the wealthiest. Put your heart even in a house of size …

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