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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 10 richest neighborhoods on Long Island

4 julio, 2021

The more desirable an area, the higher the property price and the richer the people the area attracts. Many areas of New York are out of the price range for most people, including many locations on Long Island, consisting of Kings County, Queens County, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. In many parts of Long Island, home prices are among the highest in the United States, which is why they are only available to wealthy people. Here are the 10 richest neighborhoods on Long Island.

Red Hook, Brooklyn

10. Red Hook, Brooklyn

In 2020, Red Hook became the first neighborhood in Brooklyn, Kings County, to make the list of the 100 most expensive places to buy property in the United States. High property prices also mean it ranks 10th in the wealthiest neighborhoods on Long Island. Red Hook ranks 100th overall overall along with Alpine in New Jersey and ZIP code 94122 in San Francisco, where the median home value is $ 1.45 million.

Neck mill

9. Neck mill

Mill Neck is a village in Nassau County with a population of just 1,073 people. Median home value in this neighborhood is $ 1,463,000. Retirees and families alike are drawn to the area’s rural atmosphere. On the other hand, wealthy professionals enjoy being close enough to the city to commute to work while living in an area where they can get away from it all. Other positive features of Mill Neck include excellent schools, many outdoor spaces, many family-oriented activities, and low crime rates.

Old Westbury

8. Old Westbury

The median home price in Old Westbury, Nassau County is $ 1,542,000. It is one of the largest affluent neighborhoods on Long Island, home to 4,670 people. Although it has a higher population than many other areas on this list, it retains a rural atmosphere that many people enjoy. However, the area is not isolated, so residents have access to many leisure activities, highly-rated schools, diverse employment opportunities, and strong transport links.


7. Manhasset

Buying an average property in Manhasset will cost home buyers $ 1,575,000. If home buyers can adjust to property prices and can cover the high cost of living, then establishing a home in this Nassau County suburb of New York City has many advantages. There is more of a suburban feel to this neighborhood than in many of Long Island’s other wealthier neighborhoods, and residents enjoy the proximity to the city, as it means they can live in a quiet location while accessing the amenities and attractions of the city.


6. Quogue

Only the very wealthy can even consider buying property in the prestigious Quogue neighborhood, as the median home price in this area is $ 2.1 million. Located near Hampton Beach, Quogue is a Suffolk County town with a population of less than 600, and offers residents a rural feel. It is in the catchment area of ​​some outstanding schools, making it a good option for families with incomes high enough to pay for staggering property prices and generally high cost of living.


5. Amagansett

Amagansett is among the most desirable locations in New York, so it’s no wonder property prices are high in this neighborhood. The median home price in Amagansett is $ 2.35 million. According to Niche, Amagansett in Suffolk County is home to just 739 people. Although it is an area that attracts wealthy retirees, it is also a fantastic place to live for families and wealthy young professionals, as there are elements of this location that will appeal to all age groups. For example, the schools are exceptional, there are many bars and restaurants in the area, and there are beautiful outdoor spaces to explore.

Water Mill

4. Water mill

Water Mill is a village and census-designated place in Suffolk County, with a population of just 1,631. The beautiful setting and small population are just two of the reasons Water Mill is such an upscale neighborhood. Buying a home in this neighborhood is likely to cost around $ 2,475,000, which means it only attracts the wealthiest homebuyers.


3. Wainscott

Those considering moving to Wainscott, Suffolk County should know that the median home price in this neighborhood is $ 2.8 million. It’s an area that …

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