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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 13 best brake pads for your car or Car

2 julio, 2021

When it comes to maintenance items on your vehicle, one of the most important components to pay attention to is the brake pads. Having high-quality brake pads could save you from an accident and should be replaced regularly. Unfortunately, shopping for the best brake pads can be cumbersome and tedious, with hundreds of options available on the market covering a wide range of prices.

what are the best brake pads for cars: which brake pads are better

So here is a breakdown of 13 recommendations to help you make your shopping experience a little simpler. Please note that most brake pads are sold separately for the front and rear, so make sure you get the correct product for what you need.

1. best brands of brake pads: NRS Brakes galvanized brake pads

NRS Brakes Galvanized Brake Pads Detail

It seems like a no-brainer, but galvanized steel is a rarity in the brake pad world. That’s why we rate these NRS galvanized brake pads so highly. After decades of supplying their NRS technology to big names in Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), NRS brakes are now available to everyday consumers. That experience means that NRS Brakes has many applications for all types of vehicles, all of which fit and work right out of the box when replacement is necessary.

What is galvanization and why is it important for brakes? Galvanization is a process that covers all steel with zinc, fighting corrosion. Modern brake pads, especially aftermarket ones, tend to come painted or untreated. As dirt from the road reaches the pads, it causes them to wear prematurely and can even lead to full delamination, where the friction pad becomes disconnected from the backing plate. NRS Brakes’ galvanized steel will ensure that the steel does not deteriorate and gives friction a chance to wear out completely, making it the most durable brake pad on the market. NRS Brakes uses patented SHARK-Metal technology to mechanically bond the friction pad to the plate instead of a simple adhesive.

The benefits are twofold: NRS brakes can outlast traditional pads, while offering quieter operation and better braking performance. In addition, the company tests all of its brakes beyond the standards required by the original equipment manufacturers.


  • Patented technology that extends service life and performance
  • OEM quality equipment
  • Galvanized for protection against rust

2. Brands of car brake pads: NRS Brakes Galvanized brake pads

NRS Brakes Galvanized Brake Pads Detail

We repeat ourselves here for good reason: If NRS galvanized brakes are good enough for the rear of your car, they are good enough for the front as well.

In fact, the front brakes are even more important. Cars lean heavily on the front axle during braking, with that end of the car doing most of the braking action. This is why we recommend a complete set of NRS pads. Galvanizing prolongs the life of a brake pad, rather than the steel crumbling or rusting before the friction material wears out. The Canadian company’s SHARK-Metal technology also allows it to adhere completely mechanically. Glues are susceptible to heat and contaminants, two things a road car’s brake system grapples with on a daily basis, especially in colder climates.

NRS brakes aren’t the cheapest option, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. And who can put a price on security?


  • The most durable bright galvanized surface looks sharp and protects steel from rust
  • The mechanical attachment adds the strongest bond to the friction material


3. Best high-end / performance option: Brembo brake pads

Brembo P83066N Front Disc Brake Pads

Brembo is one of the most respected and well-known brands in the brake industry, so if you are looking for the best performing pads, we recommend that you choose the Brembo name. Specializing in braking components, Brembo brake pads are engineered and engineered to enhance stopping power, helping to minimize stopping distance while offering a safe and quiet braking experience. Many of the company’s products feature the characteristic red ESE shim (elastomer – steel -…

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