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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 20 richest neighborhoods in Illinois

3 julio, 2021

Illinois is often described as a microcosm of the entire United States. It is certainly true that it has a bit of everything. From large and sprawling cities to small backwaters, from natural attractions to urban thrills, this is a state that manages to pack a lot. It is also a state where high crime rates slide against small town values, where mansions are located next to shacks, and where high incomes are juxtaposed with extreme poverty. For Illinois residents with the benefit of big salaries and huge savings accounts, there is certainly no shortage of places to live. But which neighborhood in the state is the richest? Find out now as we tour the 20 richest neighborhoods in Illinois.

North Center, Chicago

20. North Center, Chicago

Residents of Chicago’s North Center neighborhood may have to shell out nearly half a million for a home, but they get a lot in return. Not only is the neighborhood blessed with a small selection of boutiques, parks, restaurants, and bars, it also boasts a median income of just a sprinkle of less than $ 100,000.

Lincoln Park, Chicago

19. Lincoln Park, Chicago

For those who have money to burn, the Lincoln Park neighborhood has long been considered one of the best places in Chicago to burn it. Several millionaire real estate investors have purchased numerous lots in the area, making it the kind of place where home prices frequently top the million dollar mark. Unsurprisingly, residents are not short of a few bucks. According to the latest data, most households are making just under $ 100,000 a year.

Hidden Lakes, South Barrington

18. Hidden Lakes, South Barrington

According to, the median income in South Barrington fell by a considerable 14.5 percent between 2000 and 2019. Considering that it still leaves most households with an income of $ 149,067, it can sustain the violins for now. While the entire town does well on its own, Hidden Lakes do better than most, at least if the median property price is acceptable. Set your sights on this exclusive little neighborhood and you’ll have a hard time finding something for less than $ 2 million.

Old Barrington Estates, North Barrington

17. Old Barrington Estates, North Barrington

If you don’t mind spending a little over $ 1.5 million for a property, you may want to direct your eyes in the direction of Old Barrington Estates’ North Barrington neighborhood. The neighborhood, which consists largely of expansive new construction with every convenience you can imagine, is safe, tree-lined, and blessed with easy access to city amenities and facilities. If you’re happy to invest your entire fortune in a home, you’ll find few better places to do it.

South River Forest, River Forest

16. South River Forest, River Forest

Home Snacks has ranked the city of River Forest as one of the ten richest cities in Illinois. With a median income of $ 129,928 and a median home value of $ 596,900, it’s not hard to see how they came to the conclusion. Located just 12 miles west of Chicago, the city is steeped in history, charm, and the kind of stunning homes you’d be willing to spend a hefty mortgage on. For the champagne and caviar lifestyle, head to the South River Forest neighborhood, a small community made up of the city’s wealthiest residents.

Lee Woods, Northbrook

15. Lee Woods, Northbrook

Lee Woods’ Northbrook neighborhood has been around since the early 1950s. With each passing decade, it seems to get more and more expensive. With its pretty, tree-lined streets and expansive properties, it’s not hard to see what draws so many of Illinois’s on-and-goers to the neighborhood. It’s also not particularly difficult to see what makes Northbrook so popular. With some great schools, fantastic job opportunities, and a low crime rate, the suburb packs a lot into a relatively small space.

Meadowbrook, Deerfield

14. Meadowbrook, Deerfield

The leafy suburb of Deerfield has great schools, a charming historic downtown, multiple job opportunities, a sublime location just 12 miles west of Lake Michigan, and some of the most expensive properties in Illinois. To be fair, not every home in the city is priced at a million dollars, but most of the ones in the Meadowbrook neighborhood are. Most Meadowbrook residents have astronomically high incomes, but even so, the cost of even a modest home here is a hard pill to digest.

Lansdowne, Lake Bluff

13. Lansdowne, Lake Bluff

Lansdowne is a small neighborhood in the equally small town of Lake Bluff. …

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