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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 20 richest YouTubers in the world (updated for 2020)

5 julio, 2021

YouTube is a video sharing website that is ideal for people who want to upload interesting videos and share them with the world. It also turned out to be an excellent resource for talented artists who have something worth sharing with the world. Some YouTubers have experienced massive success and have been fortunate enough to monetize their YouTube sites and become incredibly wealthy in the process. Here are the 20 richest YouTubers who have made a fortune on the site and their stories that inspire us all. We have ranked each one according to their net worth as of 2019.

20. Trisha Paytas – Net worth: $ 4 million

Trisha Paytas is the 20th richest YouTuber in the world with an estimated net worth of $ 4 million. She is a girl who had no experience in entertainment. He had to start from scratch. The Riverside, California native established her YouTube channel in 2006. After a lifetime of struggles to survive, she finally found a niche where she could thrive and prosper. His first uploaded videos were a tribute to Quentin Tarantino, his favorite director, and in no time his channel had received a staggering one billion views. She chose the correct topic. your site was monetized. She is also an actress who has appeared in various television series, as well as a singer with 7 EPs under her belt.

19. Liza Koshy – Net worth: $ 4 million

Liza Koshy is a famous YouTube personality and actress. After moving to Los Angeles, she met David Dobrik, another famous YouTuber, and the two began dating. Liza is known for her appearance on the YouTube Red series “Escape The Night” as The Explorer, as well as for other roles on the original Hulu television series. He was hugely successful with over 12 million subscribers to his channel and over a billion views. It is a celebrated channel and Liza has won multiple awards for her channel.

18. Dolan Twins – Net worth: $ 4 million

The Dolan twins, also known as Grayson and Ethan Dolan, are two brothers who have their own YouTube channel. They began their video career on Vine, where they amassed more than 6 million followers before migrating to a YouTube channel. The two have made a lot of money through the monetized situation as well as Ethan’s professional wrestling career and he even wrestled in a tournament held at Madison Square Garden and won the match.

17. Ali A – Net worth: $ 5 million

Ali A is a British video producer whose real name is Alastair Aiken. His “Call of Duty” let’s play series and comments have earned him fame and fortune. He also produces a variety of different vlogs that appear on his channel. It also has a second channel on the same line and goes by the name of Matroix. He has received just under one billion views on his channels with a total of more than 4.6 million subscribers on a well-monetized channel that has made him a billionaire.

16. Ninja – Net worth: $ 10 million

Ninja is a popular YouTube personality whose real name is Tyler Blevins. Blevins became famous through his YouTube and Twitch channels, which have been heavily monetized. He shared that most of the fortune he has earned has been the result of viewers of videos of him playing video games, with the rest coming through various sponsors. He has earned a net worth of around $ 10 million with more than 32 million followers, as well as ad sales from his monetized channels.

15. Shane Dawson – Net worth: $ 12 million

Shane Dawson is another famous YouTuber who is the twelfth richest in the world. His real name is Shane Lee Yaw. He started a thriving career with his YouTube channel titled ShaneDawsonTV, established in 2010. He has made videos with other famous YouTube personalities to gain more exposure. Besides being a YouTuber with various popular videos, he is also a comedian, film director, actor, singer, and songwriter. He’s a multi-talented guy with multiple sources of income, but he owes much of his success to his start on YouTube.

14. Roman Atwood – Net worth: $ 12 million

Roman Atwood is a famous YouTuber who made a fortune from the jokes he makes in his videos. We all love to laugh and Roman Atwood knows how to give his audience what they want to see. He specializes in old hidden camera pranks and puts them on video. The stunts he records with his victims’ reactions are simply invaluable, but there are some elements of danger in some of his escapades. However, it has made both of its channels among YouTube’s highest subscribed channels. Their channels are highly monetized in addition to the income they …

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