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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 20 worst places to live in Arizona

3 julio, 2021

Arizona is a state of wild beauty, of canyons and gorges, vibrant cities and charming little towns. But no place is perfect. No state is immune to its trouble spots and, unfortunately, you don’t have to do much research to find them. Scratch below the surface of some communities in Arizona and you will be amazed at what you find. Sky-high crime rates, skyrocketing unemployment, subsistence wages… whatever kind of twist the tourism board tries to give it, it’s not a pretty picture. So which of the towns and cities in Arizona is ranked the worst? What areas should you avoid like the plague? Find out as we take a look at the 20 worst places to live in Arizona.


20. Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​huge. With more than a million and a half people to its name, the Arizona capital is a vast and sprawling metropolis that is packed with world-class resorts, championship golf courses, botanical gardens, and a host of other attractions. But despite the good things, the city has its fair share of problems – dealing with the consequences of its crime rate is one of them. Last year, Phoenix had the sixth highest murder rate in the state and the fourth highest rape rate. Meanwhile, the property crime rate has risen to the point where 1 resident in 30.2 has been the victim of car theft or theft.


19. Holbrook

Last year, 86 robberies were reported in Holbrook. It doesn’t seem like too high a number at first glance, but once you consider that the city only has 5,098 residents to its name, it suddenly becomes much more daunting. As the gateway to the Petrified Forest National Park, the city attracts millions of visitors each year. If those visitors know what’s good for them, they’ll watch their backs – the city that prides itself on its American roadside charm has the fourth worst property crime rate in the state and the fifth worst violent crime rate .


18. Tucson

Arizona’s second-largest city bills itself as “America’s largest small city.” But if small towns have low crime rates, old-fashioned morality, and a ‘respect your neighbors’ philosophy, you may need to rethink your marketing strategy. Last year, the city experienced 2,497 robberies and 2,250 car thefts. Worse still, the number of violent crimes reported has earned it the second highest rape rate and the seventh highest murder rate in Arizona. With stats like that obscuring the view, it’s hard to see the allure.

King man

17. Kingman

Kingman may be considered the heart of Route 66, but if you want our advice, put your foot down and keep driving. Park and head into town, and not only is there a very good chance that your car will be stolen in your absence, but you also have a 326 in 100,000 chance of being the victim of a violent crime.

Avra Valley

16. Avra ​​Valley

If you are a woman, stay away from Avra ​​Valley. While the city may be a decent enough place for men, it is an entirely different story for women. According to, 21.5% of women in the area live in poverty. Only 24.1% of management positions are held by women, and for every dollar men earn, women earn just 63 cents. It’s no wonder it has earned the ignominious title of Arizona’s worst city for women in 2020.

South Tucson

15. South Tucson

Unemployment in South Tuscon is on the rise. According to, the unemployment rate now stands at an uncomfortable 5.3%. What’s worse, even those lucky enough to have a job aren’t exactly better off – the median salary is just $ 10,920 compared to the US average of $ 28,555 a year. In fairness, the crime rate isn’t as dire as some of our other entries, but considering it’s still 50% higher than the national average, you might want to hold back your applause for now.


14. Snowflake

The snowflake may be small, it may have a nice sounding name. It can even have stunning scenery. But what it also has is one of the highest crime rates in Arizona. According to, your chance of being the victim of a property crime here is 1 in 23.2. And the bad news keeps coming: Most households make just $ 44,363 a year a year, while home values ​​are the 24th lowest in the state.


13. Coolidge

Coolidge has a crime rate of 36 per thousand …

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