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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The 20 worst places to live in Mississippi

4 julio, 2021

When deciding where to live in Mississippi, you will find that there are significant differences between each of the towns and cities. Each location has pros and cons, and they will appeal to different demographics. While the advantages of some areas outweigh the disadvantages and offer a great lifestyle, other areas are less desirable. If an area is known to have a lot of problems, it can discourage people from living there. For example, places that have high crime rates, limited educational opportunities, high unemployment, and a lack of leisure activities are often considered undesirable. To help you choose where to live and where to avoid, here are the 20 worst places to live in Mississippi.


20. Gautier

Gautier is a city in Jackson County that is home to 18,563 people. The main reason for including Gautier on the list is his lack of security, as it is the twelfth most dangerous place to live in Mississippi. It has the ninth most violent crime and the fifteenth most property crimes in the state. There is also a lack of outdoor spaces to enjoy in this area. However, if you don’t enjoy the outdoors and can overcome safety concerns, there are many Gautier features that offer residents a good lifestyle. It has highly rated public schools, there are many family-oriented activities, the nightlife is lively, there is diversity within the community, and the employment opportunities are varied.


19. D’Iberville

D’Iberville is a city in Harrison County with a population of 13,531 residents. It’s only because D’Iberville has so many positive characteristics that it doesn’t rank higher on the list of worst places to live in Mississippi. The statistic that disappoints this city is property crime rates, as D’Iberville has more property crime than anywhere else in the state. The lack of diversity in employment has also contributed to their position. D’Iberville’s positive characteristics include above-average public schools, community diversity, a vibrant nightlife, and good commutability.

Pass christian

18. Christian pass

Pass Christian has pros and cons. The most significant negative feature of the city is the lack of security, as crime rates are high. Overall, it is the 10th most dangerous place to live in the state. Another negative aspect of Pass Christian is the limited job market. In contrast, some of the area’s strengths include excellent public schools, varied leisure activities for people of all ages, and community diversity. So there are aspects of life at Pass Christian that are not appealing, but there are characteristics that will appeal to some demographics.


17. Hattiesburg

Hattiesburg is a city in Forrest County with a population of 46,521 people. Since Hattiesburg is the ninth most dangerous place to live in Mississippi, it is not surprising that this place is on the list of the worst places to live in the state. Another problem in Hattiesburg is the lack of diversity in the job market, and many people must travel to find work in their preferred sector. Fortunately, there are good transport links to the surrounding area. There are also many activities to enjoy in this area, including a vibrant nightlife.

West Point

16. West Point

It is violent crime that discourages people from living in West Point, as this location has the fourth highest violent crime rate in the state. It also has the thirteenth most property crime and is the eighth most dangerous place to live overall. Other problems include limited outdoor activities and a lack of job opportunities. Some of the area’s strengths include good transportation links, community diversity, and a variety of family-oriented activities. West Point has 10,794 residents and is in Clay County.


15. Pascagoula

Pascagoula is a city in Jackson County that has a population of 21,865. Property crime is probably the biggest problem in Pascagoula, ranking third among property crimes in Mississippi. Although violent crime is less of a problem, Pascagoula still has the 11th most violent crime in the state. Overall, Pascagoula is the seventh most dangerous place to live in Mississippi. Pascagoula also lacks employment opportunities in a variety of industries. However, there are also many positive features of this location that prevent it from ranking in the top ten worst places to …

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