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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The best pairs of Veja sneakers that money can buy

3 julio, 2021

You may have seen them on random strangers walking around town, or you may have seen a couple on a celebrity. You may have even wondered what exactly that emblem is: a simple “v” notation on the side of a simple shoe. Veja sneakers have grown in popularity in recent years, and for good reason too. The shoe brand’s biggest fans love the fact that Veja shoes are made from raw materials sourced ethically through organic farming and responsible farming. Veja sneakers are the future of footwear: they are great for the feet and also for the environment. If you’re ready to buy a pair, here are the top 10 pairs of Veja sneakers you can buy for your money.

1. Leather sneakers with suede trim Veja Campo

There’s nothing like a good pair of leather shoes, and it’s definitely a bonus if they happen to be sneakers. While this pair of Vejas may require a bit more care when worn and after, the effort will definitely be worth it. The white leather featured on this shoe is just beautiful. You should also know that the thick rubber sole of this shoe comes from the Amazon rainforest. Nothing can be cooler than that.

2. Leather sneakers with Veja V-Lock suede trim

Here you have another pair of leather Vejas that may surprise you. Sure, it’s comfortable and durable like any other Veja shoe. But this one in particular uses velcro straps to fasten. If you thought your Velcro days ended in 1st grade, think again. Velcro shoes are back, and that’s because they never went out of style to begin with. The fact that you put your shoes on faster is just an added bonus.

3. Veja V-12 textured leather sneakers

If you’re the type of shoe wearer who always has a blister on the back of your ankle, your troubles are essentially over. Veja V-12 textured leather shoes offer all the comforts of a typical Veja but with the added cushion of padded collars. You can walk on these for hours and not feel like your feet are hurting. The additional design on the soles complements the simplicity of the shoe completely.

4. Veja Nova-Ht organic cotton canvas high top sneakers

What’s cooler than a Veja sneaker? Possibly a Veja high top shoe. In addition to the high-top design, you will immediately notice the thicker sole of this shoe. It’s increased durability and comfort, which is also helped by the canvas made from this particular Veja. The rubber soles are also serrated for grip. You’ll get an extra inch to your height in these shoes, so feel free to walk taller in these Vejas on.

5. Mesh sneakers with Veja Net Sustain Condor rubber trim

This is the best thing about Vejas: they also make running shoes. All Veja shoes are comfortable, but this mesh sneaker takes comfort to the next level. You’ll get a super thick sole for shock absorption, and you’ll also get an amazing shoe shape to go with it. They are the perfect shoes to wear to your morning run, but they are stylish enough to wear during the day.

6. Veja Esplar Shoes

This particular design is named after the ethical organization that supports the Brazilian peasant families that Veja has partnered with. It is a beautiful tribute to the type of partnership that puts hope and innovation on the same footing. These shoes are designed with stunning contrasts and breathable cotton. They are pretty and quite comfortable at the same time.

7. Veja V-10 Low Top Leather Tennis Shoes

These aren’t exactly the type of tennis shoes you’d wear on the open court, but your feet may mistake them for a pair because of how comfortable they are. The Veja V-10 Low-Top Leather Sneakers are notable for their perforated design on the vamp of the shoe. The detail is unique among Veja shoes, and it’s also a good way to let your feet breathe through the leather. The overall design also doesn’t stray from Veja’s commitment to simplicity.

8. Veja Urca bicolor leather tennis shoes

You may not notice many differences with the Veja Urca design compared to other styles. The Urca designation actually means that the shoe is made from “corn waste.” The fact that Veja can create something beautiful from any waste material is just remarkable and all the more reason to buy this shoe. The Urca is the most up-to-date version of Veja’s classic V-12s, and it’s completely vegan.

9. Veja Rio Branco shoes

They are sporty and made of materials …

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