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▷▷ 2021 ▷ The fascinating history of Boutique Car Company Noble

6 julio, 2021

Noble doesn’t do anything half-hearted or quick. Its latest offering, the M600 supercar, is the brainchild of the company’s new owner, American businessman Peter Dyson, who, before buying the company from founder Lee Noble, was and still is an avid collection of exotic cars. Your personal favorite from your collection? The Noble M12, which was developed by Lee Noble in 2000. In Peter Dyson’s mind, most modern supercars rely too heavily on computers and electronics to improve their vehicles. Dyson has a different view. What he liked best about the M12 was its simplicity and its reliance on sheer engineering excellence. In fact, that’s why the M12 is the favorite car in its collection, so in many ways the newly launched M600 is a return to the company’s roots.

Noble’s story

It is impossible to talk about the history of Noble Automotive without talking about the British businessman who launched the company in 1999, Lee Noble. He has been designing sports cars, supercars, and supercars since 1983, when he designed the Ultima Mk1. After having worked extensively with the supercar manufacturer Ascari, designing for them (most notably, the Ascari FGT, in 1996), Noble left Ascari to form his own company, because his design spirit began to differ markedly from the other designers of Ascari. His vision was to produce a cheaper and simpler vehicle. Build a relatively affordable supercar that would focus on two things: exceptional engineering and light weight.

Ultima MK1

In many ways, the Noble M12 was the ultimate expression of that vision. The vehicle earned high praise for its speed, power and handling, and was affectionately known as the ‘Ferrari Killer’. Noble, however, has never viewed his company as a competitor to the Ferrari market. Ferrari mass-produces high-end cars, and Noble has always pursued a more distinguished, refined and demanding market, a sentiment shared by Peter Dyson, the current owner of the company. His small business only built 12 cars in his first year in business, and he only builds about fifty a year today, each one handcrafted and with a relentless focus on perfection.

Every car that leaves the small factory in Leicestershire, England, is 100% custom. Prospective vehicle owners have their say on almost every feature and aspect of their new vehicle, so when it is delivered to them it fits like a glove. Like an expensive tailored suit. If you want to change the color, the interior, the sound system or practically any other feature, you just need to say the word and your wishes will be integrated into the structure of the vehicle.

The suit analogy is great, by the way, because the vehicle is handcrafted from carbon fiber, which begins life as a fabric and is then cut into the 3D shape that it will eventually take. This is, in large part, what gives the M600 its ultralight weight. Fully built, the car weighs a mere 1,198 kg (2,641,138 pounds). It’s surprisingly low weight, and when paired with the supercar’s 662 horsepower engine, it allows the vehicle to turn heads, even among supercar enthusiasts. For the curious, here are the relevant benchmarks for the mighty M600:


0-60 MPH: 3.0 seconds

0-100 MPH: 6.5 seconds

Standing a quarter mile: 11 seconds

Top speed: 225 MPH

With numbers like these, it’s easy to see why the cars are so well received among the supercar community, and price-wise, you can own one of these custom-built engineering marvels for around $ 300,000 new, that is, in the world of supercars. , a relatively modest price. Although Noble left his company in 2009 to form a new automotive company, Fenix ​​Automotive, the M600 shows that he left the company in good hands. Peter Dyson shares his vision of what a supercar should be, and both men focus on the driving experience itself, seeing too many electronic components as a distraction and something that separates the car from the driver.

Dyson’s goal is to connect its drivers to the road, hence the company’s motto, “Perfection is a road, not a destination.” Indeed, and a feeling that each and every owner of a vehicle produced by Noble Automotive deeply understands. It takes a lot of skill to drive one of these vehicles. There is no ABS and there are not many electronic components that get in the way of the driving experience. There you are, a fabulously …

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